A Boxer owns us!

April 07 /07

Morrie, Daniel and I have become the proud owners of a Boxer, or should I say, a Boxer now owns us. We've had Chef since he was eight weeks old. He's nine months old now, and has turned into a brindle beauy, smart and elegant with a loving disposition. However, he's not nearly the hard-core alpha dog we thought we were getting, thank goodness. As we have discovered, Boxers are clowns at heart and Chef is no exception. How seriously can you take a dog who's doing his obedience routine, all puffy and proud, with two huge spit bubbles hanging out of his mouth? Or a dog who falls asleep standing up with his head on the couch and his bum in the air? He is full of mischief and as cute as a button.

The cats aren't his biggest fans, though. Since Chef joined the family, Rugrat has moved herself into my closet while Beauty has to swat and spit her way past him. We're working on creating a peaceful co-existence but it isn't easy. That said, I can't deny that our dear Chef has totally captivated our hearts and we love him to the point of distraction.

The experts say that Boxers are a unique breed and we are finding out just how true this is. Bred from Mastiffs in Germany during the Middle Ages, the Boxer's ancestors hunted boar, bears and deer. The "Bullenbeisser" were even used as bull-bait. They are still extremely powerful and strong. But they don't use their strength aggressively. The Boxer is really the gentlest of breeds and is not known to pick a fight, but will show boundless courage if threatened or to defend their household. They are totally devoted to their families and would languish without their companionship. As fierce as they look and as fearless as they are, they have big hearts and an exceptional capacity to love human beings. They are also full of energy and joie de vivre, and are great entertainers... actually, they were once used as circus dogs. Chef could be running full-speed around the dog park, agile and elegant, and suddenly jump to amazing heights, twisting in mid air, kicking his legs out, only to come back down again and break into another run. It is so funny to watch. Boxers also sing and dance ...really. When they're happy to see you, they fold their bodies into a semi-circle and skip around and around in a frenzy. Chef does this every day. It's called "kidney-beaning" and only Boxers do it. He also sings the Boxer "woo woo" song, which is a distinctive sound, not quite a bark, that comes from deep in the chest when a Boxer wants something he can't have. But he is as dignified as he is silly. Especially beautiful is his smoothe, high-stepping walk in the showring, and sometimes even on his leash. If the leash is held high on his neck and you walk him quickly, he prances like a Lipizzaner stallion. And it's all the more stunning because he has snow-white feet which stand out from his dark brindle colouring. Often when he's sitting, his demeanour is absolutely kingly, with his head high, chest out and legs elegantly lain. He can be breath-takingly handsome.

Chef is a truly beautiful animal, filled with love, joy and intelligence. Is it any wonder we adore him so much?

Chef as a puppy

Truth be told, Mama was never all that keen on Boxers. She thought we were 'big and bullish. 'But Papa and my brother Daniel convinced Mama to come and meet me. I was just a wiggly little pup and I flashed her my big brown Boxereyes and gave her a couple big licky-kisses. I also was kind of pink and looked like a bunny. Well, she fell in love with me and took me right home.
Now I'm a messy, lanky adolescent, chargingfull-speed into manhood. I'm clumsy and I slobber and snore. I can also be woefully stubborn. Living with me is quite the challenge. I'm a mischief-maker extrordinaire.
But Mama knows that even though Boxers are rascals, we are also loveable and sweet. It amazes her that we love our families so much, we can't sit close enough or be in a room without them for more than a minute. And that we would wrap our families in our big Boxerarms and kiss them all day long if we could! She loves that I'm dignified one minute and a goofy clown the next; that I'm awesomely elegant even when spitbubbles are dripping from my lips.
Like all Boxers, I'm loyal, loving and true. Mama would tell you that I am as close to being human as a dog can get and that I am the most precious creature on earth."


Jessica said...

Linda, you're too adorable. I love your blog, even though I don't own a dog.

Dan Delmar said...

I agree. Linda, you are adorable as is Chef.