Chef's a Champion !

July 21/07

Chef has earned his required 10 Champion points.

He got his final three on Saturday in Kars. This means, in part, that he will no longer compete in Class Divisions, but qualifies for the Specials Only Class with other Champions. He may also compete in the Specialty Option with dogs who are 12 to l8 months old.

It has been suggested to us that we sideline him for awhile because he may not win against more experienced dogs, but we find it fun showing him - win, place or show. Besides, if he goes into temporary retirement, he may lose his taste and etiquette for the ring. So I think we will continue to show him in smaller events where the comptetition isn't so heavy, until he is more mature and competent.

Anyhow, Chef really struts his stuff now and he looked just awesome in the ring in Kars. We were very proud of him. Even during a heavy downpour on Friday, he didn't flinch and handled himself elegantly.

Chef's sister, Rose ( Lynbary's Vie en Rose), won her Champion points on Sunday. Congratulations, beautiful girl.

Chef is awarded his Champion's ribbon from the Judge Jacqueline Rusby

..........................Chef's Championship Certificate



peanut said...


Linda said...

Thanks Peanut. You are a sweetie pie to stay in touch. Hope you and your mom are doing well. xxx

Sally said...

Congratulations to Chef, his mummy, daddy and Daniel. He is truly a beautiful dog-and you will be showing him for years! Just pray the cost of gas goes down, as I think you will be driving to and fro. Hugs, Sally

Bro said...

Hail to the Conquering Her-CHEFMAISWOOF. WOOF!WOOF!

Cookie said...

Congratulations to Chef and the whole family. Quite an achievement! And what a gorgeous dog! Best of luck always, Cookie

Gloria said...

Mazel Tov to Chef and his family. You sound like you are having fun with him.

Linda said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and emails... xxxLinda

Corinne said...

(Via email) Congrats on Chef's winning weekend. You must be very proud of him. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Enjoy your vacation. P.S. love your blog!

Rima said...

(via email)
Very cute!

Renee said...

HI Chef just saw your blog that mommy had the honor of putting together. it gave her such pleasure showing you off. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN THE RING. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE IS SO PROUD OF YOU.

Laurie said...

(via Yahoo Groups/Boxer Lovers)Yeah! Congrats on the champion title for Chef.


Tabitha said...

(Via Yahoo Groups/Boxer Lovers)
Congratulations. I bet you're beaming.

Brenda, Normandy Boxers said...

Congrats Chef and Linda.

Mary Rue said...

(Via Yahoo Groups/Boxer Lovers)
Congratulations Chef and Linda! We are so proud of you.
Mary Rue