I got bit!

August 2 /07

Dear Diary,
I have been bitten by a poodle and I am sooo embarrassed.

Imagine - moi, the macho muscle-dog of Cote-St-Luc letting a poky little poodle take a chunk out of my neck. I just dunno how I let it happen. I was at the dog park and suddenly the pipsqueak was growling and getting all worked up. But I'm like, "Ok, dude, let's play." And the next thing I know he's sinking his teeth into me!! And I'm like, "Whoa little doggie." But it was too late. That little fluffball was hanging from my neck by his teeth. Anyway, Daniel hustled me into the car and called Mama and Papa and everyone went coo-coo. But I was very brave. I had to hold on to my dignity because being chomped on by by a little lapdog didn't do much for my image, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, Mama took me to the vet and they had to shave off my fur where the bite was and now I'm on antibiotics and have to have the wound cleaned like all day long.

Gotta admit, it was all pretty humiliating for a big, brawny Boxer like myself to be taken down by a wonky little poodle in front of all my doggie friends. If I had a longer tail it would have been between my legs. But I overheard Mama saying that it's normal doggy behavior to posture and get aggressive, and that the poodle was just trying to protect his human. Something to do with something called hormones. I don't know anything about hormones but I must have some and obviously the poopy poodle does too. So I'm not taking it personally. Besides, if he was smart, he'd have known that I am a nice Boxer.

I'm resting today but tomorrow mama is going to take me for a long walk.

Love, Chef


Dear Diary,

Today Mama took me for a long walk.
I wanted to play with all the other dogs. So the bite from poodle-dee-doo has left no lasting effects on me. It's all good .

Love, Chef


peanut said...

Oh man you know I got bit by a little dog once to and I'm 80 lbs. There is sommething about those little dogs I don't like.

Casper said...

Hey Chef, I know how you feel - those little dogs can be mean. Nikki is the smallest dog in our house and she is always growling and being mean to the rest of us.

And you know what? We are doggie friends with some boxers in our agilty class. They are the nicest most playful dogs in the group.

Woofs, Casper

Chef said...

Maybe the little dogs get frightened by our size and get aggressive... but it's up to our owners to keep things calm. I know that's hard sometimes. But it's part of a dog's life, I guess, to have run-ins with other dogs. Thanks both of you for your encouragement.xxxLove, Chef