Playing in the park

November 7 /07

We took advantage of the nice warm weather and spent some time in the park with Chef today. He really had a ball, literally.

No, Daniel, you can't have my ball.

And you can't have it, Papa.

And neither can you, Mama.

Nobody's touching my ball !


OK, whose got my ball ?

HUH! It was here all along. I sure have them trained.

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Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Chef! we sniffed over when you came up on PIF. so glad we did you handsome. Good luck on your next show oh and hope you do get a companion. I (Crikit) was alone for a year then M&D brought Sparky home to play with me but since I wasn't that playful (unless it was with my tennis ball and running) another year later they brought home Ginger. I know to play with Sparky but they say it's cos she looks like our pup. We are one big happy family. We'll trot back by soon.

wagging tails from the YX Gang ~ barking loud