Can Chef still compete??

November 25/ 07

Chef competed at the United Kennel Club All-Breeds Championships in Montreal this past weekend.

Unfortunately he didn't win either of the two competitions. The consensus among the people there is that he still looks too much like a puppy to compete against other Champions, most of whom are older than he is. They say that he peaked very early, having won his Championship at just a year old. So in the Specials Class where he now must compete, he doesn't measure up in muscularity or maturity against the other, older male Boxers.

Or with the females, for that matter. His sister, Rose, is now bigger than he is, but that's because females mature faster than males. So it seems he doesn't stand a chance in the ring right now. Chef is lean and lanky, and thin at the hip and there's nothing we can do about it but hope that he bulks up in the coming year. His father, Zeus, didn't mature until he was about two and a half, so maybe his baby boy is just a late bloomer too. Another problem is his head shape. He's long in the jowl and doesn't have the rounded muzzle or squared forehead favoured by many judges in the showring. That is not expected to change very much. So it could be that Chef may be destined to remain a handsome Boxer but unable to meet dog show standards anymore.

In the meantime, he clearly enjoys himself in the ring and we are happy when we meet up with our Boxer friends. So it's great when Chef wins but it's really about so much more than that. Each show is like a little adventure.

Hugs to his beautiful cousin, Reilly, and to Rose, who both trotted off with ribbons.

Here are some photos taken at the shows.


Peanut said...

Hey chef your still a puppy I wouldn't worry and if you stay tall and thin then you'll just be like me. :)

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Chef,
So unfair. Just wait till you gain some weight, you'll knock em dead!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Grammie said...

Chef is a beautiful dog no matter who wins. Just have fun.
Peanut and Flash's Grammie

Chef said...

Hi Grammie... hope you read this on my blog. Mama tried to access yours but couldn't. Winning a show is great but it is much more than that. But I am trying to fill out. Mama started me on beef patties tonight so maybe I won't be such a rake! Thanks for your kind message. You are a sweetheart.

x0x0x Chef

boxercab said...

I agree with Grammie. You're a winner to all of us, Chef!

Peanut said...

My grammie doesn't have a blog she just likes to read them. She's a great Grammie and we love her.

Chef said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments... hope I bulk up in time for the next show which will be in Kentucky in May. In the meantime, Mama has added sardines and beef patties to my diet. And we're hoping the rest of me begins to shape up too. If not, well, I'll just be a handsome dog, having had my l5 minutes of fame! But I am so loved and that is the most important thing !