Sleeping Cutie

February 18/08

Chef really had us laughing the other night. He fell asleep in one of the wierdest positions we've seen yet - and we've seen him sleep in some pretty wierd ways, including standing up.

This time, he had his rump resting on the pouf with his body angled downward and his head on the floor. And he was snoring. It reminded me of some of the other contortions Chef twists himself into when he's asleep. Since I've never been able to capture this phenomenon on film, I drew some of them because they must be shared. He is just such a funny clown.
I'm wondering if other Boxers sleep bent like a pretzel or stretched out like a rug or standing up. I've been told by other dog owners that they've never seen anything like it, so I imagine it's unique to Boxers, or maybe just unique to Chef...

Some of Chef's contortions


Peanut said...

Mom has caught me sleeping with half my body off the couch and she swears I was trying to get up and fell asleep in the middle of it.

Autumness said...

Ha!! Love this entry!! I know those positions all too well. We are all doing well. Just moved to San Francisco so we are adjusting. It's been an adjustment with three but we are hanging in! Hope you guys are doing well!!!