The Dribble Quiz

March 21/ 08

I'm in the mood for a game...

Below are some pictures of me drooling. I happen to drool a lot and I have different drools for different things.

Sometimes my drools are brought on by nothing in particular and are just little drops that fall on the floor. Those kind of hide in the folds of my lips and leave spit stains everywhere. When I touch someone with this type of drool, they invariably say the same thing: "Eeew." In fact, at Papa's office, everyone knows where I am because someone yells, "Eeew." I slobbered once on my cousin Joanne's sleeve during a very important meeting. And she interrupted her speech with a big "Eee-yoo," and everybody laughed.

Anyway, other dribbles are huge bubbles that dance around at the corners of my mouth. I get those when I'm happy to see my family.

I also have dribbles that fly into the air and land who knows where. I get those when I'm really excited about playing with a new toy.

Then there are the real long ones, like the ones you see here. They're gobs that get longer and longer and just hang there and swing all around. They don't make a mess or leave stains. Mama just wipes them away with Kleenex and makes an icky face. They're my good-boy dribbles which I reserve for very special occasions. I just sit up straight, nice and quiet, no begging, no whining. I use them to show Mama and Papa how badly I really, really want something. Can you figure out what that is?

Clue #1: I'm in the dining room.

A pretty long drib ...

... that gets longer and longer

...and swings all around.

If you guess right, I'll give you a prize !

With each guess there'll be another clue. You can guess as often as you want.

Clue #2: Lorenza guessed that it's a doggy treat I'm drooling over. Yup, it's a treat but it's a human treat.

Clue #3: Moco thinks it's a wallymelon or a big hamburger. Nope. But it's round like a hamburger.

Clue #4: Mack thinks it's table scraps. Not exactly. I wouldn't turn away the scraps but the best part of this isn't usually left over.

Clue #5: Lola says it's ice cream. Ice cream does give me the droolies but nopers. This is usually eaten hot.

All my friends are so clever. I'd drool like pasta fazool over all your guesses. Oh doggies, you're getting close!

And hey, Mango. How does your mommy clean your spit from the ceiling? ... I haven't gotten around to that yet but I'm taking notes. ( Mama just sighed and said, "oh great." )

Clue #6: River thinks it's a steak. That's a drooler, alright, but this sometimes has little pieces of meat on it, and sometimes no meat at all.

Clue #7: Cubby guessed an egg. I'd settle for an egg-size piece of this, but when it's whole, it's much bigger than an egg. I love eggs too, Cubs.

Clue #8: Crikit, Ginger and Sparky all think it's a rump roast and boy that sure is a drool-tool but this is much more colourful.

Bonus Clue: Think OUTSIDE THE BOX

Clue #9: Moco has guessed again. This time she said it was a pineapple. Oh slurpy! Sometimes this has pineapple on it. You're sooo close, Mocogirl!

Clue #10: Smiling Lola says it's ham. Oh, I'm a slobber machine now ... I love ham. In fact, Lola, the thing I'm drooling for in the pictures happens to have ham on it, although it doesn't always. We're closing in!

Ok, let's see, the yummy stuff I'm drooling for is round, hot, colourful, much bigger than an egg. sometimes has meat, ham or pineapple on it, and it's eaten when it's "outside the box."

It reminds me of a song I once heard ...

... something about the moon hitting your eye... la la la ... how can the moon hit your eye? Geez, I hope the moon never hits my eye...

Keep guessing!

YAY! We have a tie! Peanut and Lola both guessed:


I love pizza so much that it makes me drool pools. I didn't get to eat too much of it because of my sensitive tummy. But I got to toss the cardboard box around for a while and that was fun.

Lola's and Peanut's Award

So congratulation Lola and Peanut ! And thanks to everyone for playing. Peanut, I have your email address so I'm going to send you your prize. Lola, please send me your email address in a comment and I'll keep it private. If not I can post your personal one here and you can download it, no problem. Let me know which you prefer.

Oh, and yes, Peanut, I always use people as napkins. I don't care who it is ... if they're in my path, they get the spit.

I hope everybody has a great week. Mama's taking some time off from work because her hands are a big eczema mess from playing around with her flowers all day long. I love having her home but she can't pet me much with all her creams on. Oh well. I'll stick close by her side and give her lots of slurpy kisses. ( She can't cook this week so maybe they'll order a pizza !)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chef!
Are you looking at a yummy treat that makes you drool??
I don't drool a lot. Only when I go out for a walkie and I leave small spits on the ground!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Mango said...

Crank up that suds machine! I have slobbered everywhere, including the ceiling! Yahoo!

Well, for me, I would get the old suds going for french fries!


Mack said...

Are you drooling for table scraps?
Cause they are deelish

Moco said...

We think that the treat is Wallymelon or a big hamburger.

Lola Smiles said...

I'm guessin' it's ICE CREAM!!!

I drool like that too Chef. Drives my human batty, but I can't help it, especially when my human eats something that smells real good!

luv ya
Lola Smiles

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I'm guessing it's a nice bit of steak.

Sounds like you have a LOT of drool to spread around Chef!!


Cubby said...

How about an egg? I love eggs...

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Happy Easter Chef!

well if it's a rump roast then our drool works will start a flowing. mmm that sounds so good right now hope mommy reads this.

Happy Blessed Easter xoxo

Moco said...

Maybe it is pineapple. We love pineapple.

Lola Smiles said...

Ham!? oink! oink!

Lola Smiles said...

ohhhhh!! PIZZA! :)

I love PIZZA too!

Peanut said...

Well with all those clues. I'm guessing pizza.
Mom wants to know if you ever use your humans for napkins? I do it all the time.
oh and moco is a girl :)

Peanut said...

yeah I got it right and yep I got the prize. Thanks it is cool

Moco said...

That dang Peanut. I was going to guess pizza today, but he already won.

Lola Smiles said...
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