Stolen dog alert/ An Ode to Boredom/ Great day

June 28 /08

This announcement has been circulating all day and I just picked it up over at Clover's blog. These beautiful terriers were stolen from their home in St-Damien, Quebec and their owner, Therese Szulik, must be sick with worry. What is going on out there? Dogs all over the place are falling victim to some very scary people.

Hopefully, these precious dogs will be returned home safely and the dognappers will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Here are the dogs' identifications:

STAR (MICROCHIP 95600000109561)

They are tattooed on their inner right thighs, and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. There is a reward for information leading to their safe return.

If you have any information, please contact:

Thérèse Szulik in St-Damien, Québec, Canada

Tel: (450) 835-4699
Email: or

Please pass this on.

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An Ode to Boredom

I waited all week for Saturday,
'Cause Mama's not working. Hurray, Hurray!!!
I really want to go outside,
And go to the dogpark, and then for a ride.
I'm in the mood to play and run.
And jump around under the sun.
But it's icky out there; the park's full of mud.
So today is turning out to be a dud!!
There isn't much that I am doin.'
But layin' around and doin' some chewin.'
Thank goodness, though, for all of yous
Who'll listen to me bark the blues.
Yawn ... Ho hum ... woe is me!!
I'm as bored as I can be.
I'm in a Funk, with a capital F.
Thanks for listening... .Love, Chef.


n n n n

... So we stayed home most of the day. I took a look out the window and was like, ok, I better not spend too much time outside today.
We did do our walks in the mist, which was actually beautiful. But it sure wasn't a day for running in the dogpark. As you know, I don't tolerate the heat and humidity too well on account of my short coat and my squashed up muzzle making me prone to heatstroke.
Anyway, before the downpour, the rain seemed to be suspended in the air. It was damp and foggy and everything was wet even though it hadn't even rained yet. It was very wierd weather, to say the least, but there was something very peaceful about it.

After my walk, I took a snooze and dreamed that I was running wild in the dogpark, and riding in the car with my head out the window at 100k, and playing with all my friends on the lawn - no tie-out, and that Mama went to the pet store and got me a new ball, and a stuffy and a big pig nose, and that I was chasing a bunch of squirrels through the woods, and that I found some huge sticks to put in my collection - which was 20 feet high, and that my Goody package from Beasley arrived, and that I was sniffing around Papa's dock and found treasures everywhere, and that I destuffed all the pillows in the livingroom - plus the couch, and that a truck dumped a ton of cookies on the doorstep, and that I won Best in Show at Westminster, and that I was chewing on a giant steak bone from Rib 'n Reef Restaurant, and that I ate all the flowers in Mama's garden, and that I finally got my new leather collar with my name on it, and that they banned Dremels, and that people understood barktalk, and that Beauty and Rugrat played with me - and didn't spit in my face, and that my tail grew back, and that I was playing frisbee on the mountain with Daniel, and that I had 400 beef patties and ice cream for supper, and that I finally met Sophie Brador and Lola and married them (see how I'm blushing?) and that I backpacked through Europe, and ...

It was a very long dream. It took me all afternoon to dream that.

Then I did some serious chewing, as you can see.

Don't I look strange in the picture below? An upsidedown dog is never a handsome thing to see, especially us Boxers, with our hanging, flappy jowls. Here they were actually in my mouth. Geez, it's a good thing I didn't bite myself.
, And did you notice my polka dot pads? Aren't they, like, so manly?

Anyway, so later on, I ate leftover roast chicken and rice off the supper plates, and then Beauty let me lick her and I got her all greasy. Heh!

Hey, it was really a great day!


Maggie & Mitch said...

What a bummer that the weather has you down, Chef! Enjoy your chewin'!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Simba said...

Barking the blues there?! I never knew you were so talented.

Simba x

Sophie Brador said...

And even weirder, now it's really raining.


Jennifer said...

Arrooo roooooo rooo
Chef can really bark the blues.

We feel your pain
and ain't it a shame

We can't get together and bark the blues with you!

Slobbers to you, buddy.
From your Newfie pals,
'Bella and Gabe

Eric said...

Too bad.
That's sad.
Are you going bad?
Or mad?!!

Waggin' Eric

Hope your weekend gets better...

JB's Big World said...

I heard about those stolen doggies today is so terrible that humans can be so mean.
I like your are talented. Oh, we laughed at the picture of you with your mom's broken sandal!
Say hi to Beauty and Rugrat!

Aniemother said...

Thanks for sharing the stolen dog-info, Chef! And I hope the weather is better for you next weekend. Roast chicken ain't bad, though!


Bella the Boxer said...

Chef, in your honor I went into my Mama's garden and ate her roses. Yummy! I hope the rain stops soon so you can do the same.

xoxo - Bella

Rambo said...

you had the most awesome dream. I once had a dream that I was married to my beautiful Cha Cha. Too bad she doesn't know I exist!

Southbay Girl said...

Hi Chef-My mommy loves that weather-she take s me out in it!!! But as long as you had a good day! That's what matters! The roasted chicken sounds good!!!


Noah the Airedale said...

Hi Chef,
That is absolutely awful about those poor stolen dogs. The owners must be frantic. I hope they're found.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah xx


Hi Chef,
Thanks for dropping by and a huge thank you also for organising the Goody Exchange. It was fun to receive such an exciting parcel in the mail addressed to us and full of wonderful treats.

Mack said...

The weather really stinks here too. It is very hot & humid.

Man I hope those doggies get returned to their owners soon!!

Dewey Dewster said...

My goodness Chef....what a wonderful have real doggie talent......and that was one incredibly long more dremel? Wow, hope that one comes true fer ya.!!! sounds like your weather has been worse than ours...we're gettin' a lot of rain 'n then we have ta stay inside mostly 'cause we don't like ta get THAT KINDA WET...but the leftover roast chicken 'n rice ya got probably made the rest of the problems fergetful...enjoy yer week 'n that pawsome ball....

Dewey Dewster here....

the 4 Bs said...

hey Chef, we got your birthday card last night. it looks so cute! thanks, buddy.

for having a dreary day, you really know how to entertain yourself. with a dream like that, we could nap for a long long time.


Simba said...

Thanks Chef for barking about the stolen TMTs!! There's still no word on them..but the police think they were targeted on purpose!!