Confused in Vermont

July 14 /08

We spent the weekend doing three shows in Essex County, Vermont, which was very exciting for me because I got to go to the U.S.A!

Unfortunately, the only picture we have is this one - me getting prepped by Darling Emily before one of the shows. Then Mama's camera stopped working. It was that sort of weekend. Read on and you'll see what I mean ...

We stayed at a dog-friendly motel so it was lots of fun walking around the grounds. On Saturday, I thought I saw Mango there and a couple of the Schnoodles, and I gave them big lickies, with extra slobber for Mango. But Mama said it wasn't them. I'm not so sure. Mango, were you at the Hampton Motel in Vermont on the weekend? Were you, Baxter and Benson? Lola? Sparky? And Bease, I could have sworn it was you sniffing around a pine tree.

We also stopped for ice cream at Friendly's. Papa said you just can't visit an American city and not stop at Friendly's. Then in the parking lot, I thought I saw Dewey Dewster and I headed right over to him because I wanted to have an existential converation with him, or bark about American history or something. But alas, Mama said it wasn't Dewey.

We also went walking around Stowe. Mama and Papa have been there many times but it was my first visit there and I think it's a beautiful town. Mama did a little shopping and then we took a walk at the Church Street Market in Burlington, where she did more shopping. I heard Papa saying that money doesn't grow on trees, but I think Mama knows that because she's a florist. Anyway, there were lots of dogs out walking at the Market. I was sure I saw CoCo and Sophie and Pippa and Maggie and Mitch and Niahm and Moco and so many others. But again, Mama said that wasn't them either and I was so disappointed.

So about the show. Friday and Saturday were kind of uneventful. But I did my Sunday best. I won BOW (Best of Winners), meaning that of the Best Bitch and Best Dog in Breed, I came in first. Technically, this means I won BOB (Best of Breed) but that would have meant that I'd go on to compete in the Group competition (Working Group), but because I don't have my American Championship, I didn't qualify. So I wasn't allowed to advance. I also got my first American point and my first American ribbons.

If you didn't understand any of that, not to worry... I barely understand it myself. So let's move on.

Truthfully, the best part of winning on Sunday was watching Mama and Papa from the ring. We attended this show without any of their Boxer friends to explain American procedure to them. The American Kennel Club has very different rules than the Canadian Kennel Club. So they knew I won something but they didn't know what.

They were looking at eachother and shrugging their shoulders most of the time. They were totally clueless. It was very funny - to me, anyway.

I really had to concentrate not to split my furs laughing because then all the other dogs in the ring would have started giggling and jumping around, and there'd have been chaos in the ring. Between you and me, I'd have enjoyed that immensely.

So anyway, just when my befuddled parents came ringside to take me home, Darling Emily suddenly marched me back into the ring, and they didn't know why. And then there were applause and, again, they didn't know why. They sure looked happy, but they didn't know what they were happy about! Then they came to get me again, and suddenly a photographer stepped into the ring to take my picture! Why? They had no idea. They just stood there with stupid smiles on their faces, staring into the ring in wonder. There's nothing funnier than confused humans.

Mama and Papa looked very confused

Anyway, it took some Googling and a lot of phone calls when we got home for them to finally figure out what the heck was going on in that ring. It was a most wierd weekend, but we had fun.

By the way, did you know that in the U.S.A., everyone sings the national anthem before a dog show? At this one, we sang The Star Spangled Banner and O Canada because there were lots of Canadians at the arena. We thought that was very nice.

Anyway, here are some of the things we bought in Vermont. My favourite is the director's chair. That's for Mama or Papa to sit on between rounds at the outdoor shows. We already have one chair but now we have two. And this one has my name on it and a Boxer picture. I think I am going to be sitting on it, come to think of it...

Beauty tried to take possession of my new chair but I chased her off and made it clear that it's mine. Then Mama and Papa made it clear to me that it's theirs.

These are some of the human goodies we bought. Vermont-made jams, crackers, popcorn, and maple brittle. And some Boxer decals. The two figures on the bottom left are a Boxer made of tile, and a Yorkie, which is a gift for Mama's friend, Renee, who is my friend, Zoe's Mama.

My first American ribbons.

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Southbay Girl said...

Congrats Chef!! I'm very impressed that you won your first American AKC Ribbons!!!


happy said...

Congrats on winning BOW, Chef! Boy you sure had a great weekend there!

Hmm...if you started laughing and the rest followed suit, you might find yourself laughing all the way to the bank! What a riot that would be!

I'd think the chair would fit you better than for the humans.

Rambo said...

you sure are one awesome boxer. I wish I could win a ribbon, or something, or just about anything...but I don't do anything special.

Niamh said...

Congratulations Chef! I am sure that with your Canadian handsomeness you will win many more AKC ribbons.

I like your chair. My person has one like that but without my picture on it. I am soooo jealous.

Your friend,

Gaia the Airedale said...

Looks like your trip to the USA was fun Chef! And congrats on the awards, yay!

puppy breath,

Pedro said...


Congrats on your ribbons! I'm glad Vermont was fun for you. My mom went to college at the University of Vermont way back when and she loves Burlington. She still goes back every now and then to visit friends. She said she loves Stowe too. I hope she takes me there some day!


Georgeous said...

Congratulations on winning wibbons Chef! i do think you'd look great on your chair, I mean it has YOUR name on it, it doesn't say Mum & Dad!
Love 'n' Snuffs

Noah the Airedale said...

Good going Chef. A big congratulations from us down under.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Jackson and Patrick said...

Congrats on rocking in the states. We wanted to make a lame pun about your BOW being very WOW, but we restrained ourselves! Things in the states are weird! Our mom is from Canada, and learning new things every day.

Deefor said...

That sounds very exciting going to a doggie show. My mom said Vermont is very pretty. Congratulations on your winnings.


Mango said...

Maybe you saw my brother Floyd (Eastwinds Comfortably Numb). He looks exactly like me and is a champion show off dog (like you).


Eric said...

Chef, you won! That's great, well done, you look so hansome you deserve too!! Shame you met al those doggie sand they weren't our buddies... made me think some of us have been CLONED???? I need to go and worry bout that now...

Wags, Eric