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August 1 /08

Cairo tagged me for the Name Game, so here I go:

What is your name? My real name is Lynbary's Captivator but everyone calls me Chef. I have a few nicknames like Poupoun, Toutoun, Bouboun, and Shnoogles. Mama often says I'm her guapo perrito.

If you could change your name, what would it be? Rocko - something masculine and playful, and just a little badass, like me.

What is your pet's name? My stuffies are my pets. There is Funky Monkey, Loony Racoony and Kittay Kat. My catsisters are like my pets too. Their names are Beauty and Rugrat.

If you could change your pet's name, what would it be? I wouldn't change them, except maybe for Rugrat. I never liked that name. She's more of a Gertrude or a Bernice.

What are your brother's and/or sister's name/s? I was the only boy in my litter so I have a lot of sisters. I only know one of them, though, and her name is Lynbary's Vie en Rose, but we call her Rose. She's a reverse brindle, or dark brown with white markings. She's beautiful.

If you could change their names, what would they be? I wouldn't change Rose's name. I wouldn't change anything about her. She's perfect.

I'll tag:


My friend Oakley came over today for a game of Licky Mouth. That's the only game we ever play. And we do it for hours. Sometimes we chase each other or kick a ball around. But we always end up in a good game of Licky Mouth.

The humans are always trying to figure out our strange behavior. Today there was a lot of blah blah blah about alpha dogs and submission. But what we're doing is really quite simple. We're doing lunch.

Oakley and I have a meal-sharing agreement: I lick up his leftovers and he licks up mine.

Today he was savouring my lamb and rice kibble with yogurt and banana, and I was licking up what tasted to me like pastrame on rye. I also detected some spaghetti sauce. Oakley either did some expert begging or else he got into the fridge. Either way, it was a feast.

I've had some of my best meals in Oakley's mouth. Sometimes we find cookie crumbs and bugs between each other's teeth, But we've also had to endure wood and plastic and gravel, and other nasty, disgusting stuff that we've had to spit out.

Our Licky Mouth games last a very long time and it can be quite exhausting. So afterwards, we have a couple of burps and settle in for a good nap. Next to finding sticks and running in the dog park, doing lunch with Oakley is my favourite activity.


Paris said...

Oh yeah - We love doing that to our mom to lick the remains of her dinner! She is always saying "Yuck!Stop that! Gross!" I have no idea what she means....

Noah the Airedale said...

Hey Chef
We're glad you had a good day with your friend Oakley.
I'm really sorry to hear about your friend Bella. She was only a youngster. Too sad.


Abby said...

Hi, Chef...

My Mom says she wishes me & Rosco would play Licky Face instead of Bitey Face...

She always thinks I'm gonna get hurt cuz Rosco is sooo much bigger than me...

Abby xxxooo

Jackson said...

I try doing that to J1 but for some reason she won't play along! Jx

Mango said...

Well, duh, of course you are exchanging yummers foodies and other stuff stored in your lips. Personally, I'm not big on that whole sharing thing, but if it works for you, go for it.


the 4 Bs said...

hi Chef, it's great that you can do lunch with your friend. we like that lickey mouth stuff too. we don't know why we like to do it, but we do. we tried to do it with mom, but she said 'eeeewwwww' and wouldn't do it. humans are wierd.


Dewey Dewster said...

Glad ya get ta share a meal or two with yer friend Oakley....we always like ta share but we more or less like ta share with the hoomans more...they have better food....always....

Dewey Dewster here....

Petey said...

I can only play licky face with the cat and that's just because he eats his treats more delicately than I do. It's less licky face and more dash in and grab the food.

As for the ladies, this all started when I ran a personal ad -- and that was because Koobuss and Asta were saying that I was more interested in playing ball then paying attention to the ladies. When I got some responses, I thought I'd follow the lead of The Bachelor, you know the show with 1 successful relationship out of 12! Maybe you should be the next Bow-chelor???

Your pal,


Gucci said...

What's a boxergirl gotta do to a get a lickyface invite? ;]


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

looks like you two had a great time..
I like licking dad's feet but mom thinks it is gross..

Will you pick us up at the airport?

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Georgeous said...

Umm Lickiemouth!
I eat lamb and rice kibble does that enhance my chances of some nice bitch doing lickie mouth with me? My friend Jet likes to try lickie mouth with me BUT I always have my muzz on when I'm out in public - maybe I should invite him round and see what he's been eating.

Rambo said...

you are sooo funny! Hey, you got a invite from Gucci! Are you gonna take her up on her offer to play licky face with her? U Lucky Dawg!!
PS. If you turn her down,let me know and I'll go play licky face with her.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Very cute I love your post! How cool you were the only boy!

Mango said...

Chef - Thanks for the tag. The three P's tagged me a little while ago. You can see my responses here http://mangosgreatadventures.blogspot.com/2008/07/outside-bitey-face-bowling-and-catching.html

Rose sounds lovely. Do you have pictures of her?


Pedro said...


Humans don't understand dawg ways. Sometimes I use Ziggy's mouth as a water fountain. Very thirst quenching. My mom thinks it's gross. Go figure...


The Puppies said...

I may have just sent you a message twice because blogger was being kind of weird.....anyway, thanks for tagging me and hopefully you will get to see my lickey face comment from a moment ago!

Sophie Brador said...

The young pups are always liking my mouth. I just ignore them.


Asta said...

I can't see why hoomans don't get licky mouf..I love it!!!
I think you'we weally good at it!!!, and Oakley's dinnew sounds gweat, hehehe
I had a gweat weekend..it was bootiful, but now I'm heading back to England..Jackson's big test is on Wednesday..I want to be wif him
smoochie kisses

Nevis said...

A name for your new moose toy?

Sir Moose A Lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chef!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm from Canada too!! And I have a catsister too!! We have lots in common :) XOXO Peanut

Deetz said...

Chef thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers for Charlottes safe return. I wanted to Thank you personally cuz it means alot to me.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Yes it is really HOT and it doesn't look like the tropical storm will bring us any rain. Perhaps it will go into the 90's is all the weatherman can say..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Lilliana Rosalita Fuentes said...

Guapo Perrito - I love it!

The Zoo Crew said...

It's just pawsome that you share leftovers with your friend!!