Gifts from Guccigirl!

September 20 /08

Oh, Gucci, I .... um ... er ...

...... My sweetie, Gucci, sent me the most awesome present this week - a big pirate chicken chewy! Shiver me timbers, Gucci. I just love it. Arrrrr.

I was ecstatic for days because she'd been tracking it all week on her blog to make sure it came straight to my house. As of Tuesday, it was in Syracuse, New York . It was fun looking at the FedEx map and watching my present find its way to Montreal.

Um, Gucci, I ....

.... Well, the present actually arrived on Wednesday, but no one was home when the FedEx man came to the door. But Mama made sure her friend Miriam would be here on Thursday while she was at work, and the FedEx man finally delivered it. But then I had to wait all day til Mama came home so she could help me open it. It was an eternity waiting to hear her key in the door.

The box was sitting unopened on the kitchen table and I could just smell the Gucciness all over it. I was moping around the house and circling the table all day long. I tell you, I was so crazy with anticipation, I couldn't think straight ... it's not every day that you get a present from your girlfriend ... and then you can't even open it!

Gucci baby, I um ...

Well, Mama finally came home and I was jumping around frantically til she finally settled down and opened the box. Before I even had a chance to peek inside, snoopy Beauty came nosing around to see what all the fuss was about.

No way, Beauty. That's MY present. Gucci is MY girlfriend, not yours.

Anyway, inside the box were two pictures of my beautiful Gucci. This one's my favourite because she wrote a note on it .. .. Gucci isn't only beautiful, she's smart too. She can write! It says:

To Chef. Someday we'll build a pawesome stick pile together!

Oh, Guccipoochie, I ...

...that would be my dream-come-true too.

Also in the box was one of Gucci's very own pink tennis balls, which now has a place of honour in my toy box.

Well I grabbed hold of that funny chicken and chewed the daylights out of him for hours. It is my favourite toy from my ultimate favourite girl.

Want to see a happy dog? Looky here:

Mama always giggles and gets a kick out of watching a big studly dog like me acting silly with a squeaky toy. Do you think it's funny?

BTW, Guccigirl, my very pink gift is on its way to you... oh and um ... I ...

....OK, I'm stepping off Cloud 9 for a minute to thank my buddies Toffee and Riley, who also sent me a present this week: a green Fun Ball and a can of liver bits. I love Fun Balls and I love liver. What a great gift.

Why does Mama have to take pictures of my gifts and make me pose before I can even play with them? She can be so annoying.

Finally, she filled the ball with liver and off I went to the back yard to roll my new ball around and get those morsels into my mouth. They were incredibly delicious. Thanks so much, Toffee and Riley.

And a big merci beaucoup to my pal Rusty who sent me this award today.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

... oh, and Guccigirl ... I uh ... um ... Y U. (( Sighhhhhh ))


This just in: Gucci posted this on her blog tonight:

Oh how I ♥ Mr. Chef.

Geez. It's looking more and more like I better get myself a job!


Gucci said...


I stopped staring at squirrels out on the balcony to check your bloggie and boy oh boxerboy am I glad you like your pressies. I wanted to go shopping for more fun stuff but Mom said that if I wanted the pirate to arrive in time for the pirate day stuffs there was no time and that's why I gave you one of my pink tennie balls too.

Just so you know, whenever Mom mails toys to pups I always steal em from the shopping bag and hide 'em someplace but this time I didn't coz I knew this toy was going to you, my Mr. Cheffie. :]

Mom said I had to write and apologize for the annoyingness of that chicken squeaker thing...I don't know what she's talkin bout...but she promised me a greenie if I wrote that so I did.

Immma be having sweet dreams of running away to Canada [well maybe not running away..just convincing Mommy to drive there] tonight.

Luv 'n lix 'n lotsa
good boxing action.
your now swooning guccigirl.

the 4 Bs said...

hi Chef, that Gucci is quite a girl for sending you a pressie like that. that message that she pawed to you was so romantic. you're one lucky dog to have such a hot girlfriend.


Peanut said...

That gucci is quite the gal to send you such a good toy. You picked a good one Chef.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chef!
OMD! We all were worried about the box coming to your house!
Sure it was nice to open it!
Gucci is so nice sending those presents to you!
And Toffee and Riley too!
I know your are enjoying them!
Kisses and hugs

BenTheRotti said...

You got some awesome presents, Guccis is one heck of a catch and Toffeee and Riley are great friends too! I feel your pain though, if parcels arrive here for me I am not allowed to rip into them until Mum is home, camera in hand ready to pupparazzi the life outta me.. then when i do open them I have to pose foreeeeever! before i can eat/play/destroy the contents! Humans!! they need a life!

have a great weekend buddy,

Ben xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Gucci is so nice to pick out that squeekie pirate chicken for you. It sounds like lots of fun. The picture with the special note just for you was an extra special addition! The song that goes with the wideo af you playing with the fun ball was perfect. Mom laughed while she listened to it and watched you "roll it by yoursels."


Moco said...

You don't need to get a job. Just live with your parents.

Raising Addie said...

Chef, you have the BEST girlfriend! She is soooo very thoughtful to send you a gift!

Your pictures and video's are so much fun! We LOVE your blog and would be honored if you listed us.


Raising Addie said...

Oh Chef... may I link to you as well?

Clover said...

Hi Chef!
How pawesome that you got two cool gifts! I love the videos of you playing with them!
Love Clover xo

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Great gifts from a great girlfriend, hu Chef. Loved the pics and videos!
Congrats on your award.

Toffee said...

I am so happy that you like your treat ball!

Looks like you have lots of new toys to play with! Please make sure that Gucci knows that I sent you the package in friendship = )

hope you had a fab weekend.

Georgeous said...

How romantic to build a stick pile together!
Something on my blog for you Mr. Chef.

Niamh said...

You and Gucci are such a cute couple. I hope you get to make a stick pile together soon.

Your friend,

Eric said...

Chef, Wow Gucci is not just as pretty as her picture, she has grrr eat taste too. Pawsome pirate. Do you make him walk the plank? Neat gifts from Toffee and Riley too.

Soooooo romantic Chef, you and Miss Gucci Poochie...

Wags, Eric