October 4 /08

More party pics

After the house party, the pack of us went clubbing. Here I am with Gucci, who passed out from too much whatcha-ma-call-it. Rusty, Mack and I were still in party mode and looking all growed up and cool.

Over on the other side of the club, Lorenza, the Hammies and Clover shook their booties on the bar. Petey got so excited he fell off his stool !

Well, I finally had to put an end to the partying and debauchery. Mama called my cell and said it was time to come home and that she and Papa were driving to DC to pick me up. I had the feeling they knew I'd been a naughtyBoxer -- that is, until I heard Mama say, "He's got lots of time to sow his oats. He's only two." Ha ha. They think I was sowing oats! Now, why on earth would I go to a party to sow oats? Geesh, they're naive ...

Anyway, it was a fun couple of days, but really, I wasn't feeling too great afterward -- kind of tired and queazy in my tummy. Ben said I was overhung or something, nothing a good long nap wouldn't take care of. So I was kind of glad to curl up in the back seat of the car and sleep off my overhang.



Raising Addie said...

Pawty time! How fun!
Great pix!

Have a wonderful day!

Abby said...

Hi, Chef...

Looks like you had a great time...

You & Gucci are sooo cute together...

Are you feeling better after your nap?

Abby xxxooo

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chef!
We had a pawesome time!
I hope my mom does not see that picture of me up there!
Kisses and hugs

Lacy said...

w00f's Chef, heehee dat lorenza must b a pawty gal....its wuz nice of u to take care of Gucci..heehee u looks tuckered up big boy..

b safe,

BenTheRotti said...

I'm more than a little overhung myself! You sure know how to party Chef!

I thought the sowing the oats thing sounded like a good excuse so I told Mum thats what I had been doing while I was gone.. she grounded me till i'm 30!! WHAT?? grounded for sowing oats! geeze she is a real hard case! Good job I didn't tell her what I had really been up to I would have been grounded FOREVER!

overhung snugs and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Niamh said...

I can see why you had to crash after all that partying. Looks like you all had a terrific time.

Your friend,

Noah the Airedale said...

Gosh we've never been clubbing before. Looks like fun.


Rambo said...

Hi Chef,
Waz up with those puparazzi stalkers?? These are very incriminating pics and could get us dogs in alot of trouble. I have to keep G-Mom away from the computer!!
It was a great pawty, wasn't it??

Lola Smiles said...

I use to paw-ty like that!! lol, looks like you had a blast Chef!

good times! YAY!

Gaia the Airedale said...

hehe Chef I know how you feel! That pawty was great! I hope you feel better Chef, LuLu isnt feelin to well either...he got the ole' snipperoo this weekend.


Mango said...

That was some party. Gucci is hot! You lucky dawg!


Toffee said...

Good times!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What an awesome pawty! It's a good thing it only happens once a year!
We wanted to let you know that we just emailed you and Abby our bios!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Momo and Pinot said...

Hello Chef!!

We lately became friend of your good friend, Gucci! We're glad you guys had a pawsome time!

Momo & Pinot

Clover said...

Hi Chef! What a pawesome and crazy party! I don't even remember dancing on the bar!
Thanks for posting your pics!
Love Clover xo

Deefor said...

You are really a cool boxer. I hope Petey is OK. You and Gucci make a great couple. You look kinda tired.


Dewey Dewster said...

Wow Chef…

Ya looked like ya took a step back in time there…..a big step….inta a disco party place fer sure….yep, complete with a lava lamp too….

No wonder ya didn ‘t feel well…that was a bar ya were at……what were ya drinkin’ ? …..Lacie’s pawtinis????

Hope ya feel better by now….

Dewey Dewtser here…..

Moco said...

It was quite a party. I enjoyed the plane ride. It will be hard to out do the party for next year.

BenTheRotti said...

Hi Chef,

we just noticed your message about the Nowzad donation.. sorry the secretary (Mum) isn't on the ball!
Do you jave a paypal account? You should just be able to log into paypal and pay, if you are still having problems can you please e-mail me and Mum will try to help.

Ben xxxxx

Pedro said...


You are a party dawg!


Bella the Boxer said...

You are too cool for school, Chef. And remember, "hair of the dog."

xoxo - Bella

Jennifer said...

Pawty - hearty! You're the best, Chef!

We love you!

Gabe and Willow (your Newfie pals)