She made me wear a snood!

October 21 /08

Weather Forecast: Montréal:

4°C /40°F

Feels like: 0

Wind: NE 22km/h
Sunrise: 7:21
Sunset: 17:56
Relative Humidity: 65%
Pressure: 103.69 kPa
Visibility: 24.0 km
Ceiling: 3200 ft

Current Conditions
4 °C
Observed at:
Montréal-Trudeau Int'l Airport
8:00 PM EDT Wednesday 22 October 2008
Light Snow /Cloudy




It's getting awfully cold up here in Canada. It's snowing right now in northern Quebec, but thankfully not in Montreal yet. It feels like it can snow any minute, though. There's that bite in the night air that you feel only in the winter.

Tonight the temperature is dipping to -3C. If you convert that into Fahrenheit, that's 26 degrees. Ouch! I don't have much fur to keep me warm, so Mama went out and bought me a coat today. It's toasty warm and it has a big collar to keep the wind off my head. It's got a faux-fur lining and it feels really cozy. And it's got pockets to hide things in. I have to admit, I feel very handsome in it, especially when the collar's turned up. I feel like Mr. Cool McDog.

But tonight when we went for our walk, Mama ruined my outfit (not to mention my image) and put her snood on me to keep my neck warm. I was so totally embarrassed. Doesn't she know that only girls wear snoods? I mean, really. How did she think I could go outside and hold my head high wearing a girlie snood? All I can say is it's a good thing she didn't pull it up over my ears and turn it into a hat, which is what she does with it when she wears it on cold nights.

Anyway, we met a couple of my friends during our walk and their moms remarked how cute I looked. Precisely. I'm not about cute. I'm known as the macho muscle dog on the block, and here I was trotted out in a freakin' snood!

This is how I looked before I left the house. Bleh.

Tonight when everyone's sleeping, I'm taking that snood and I'm throwing it in the garbage. She'll never know... shh.

October 22 /08

Well, Mama read what I wrote and she apologized. She had no idea I would be embarrassed wearing a snood. Well, duh. She thought I just looked like I was wearing a turtleneck. Then she went online and found this parka at her favourite store, Poochy Couture, and she's ordering it for me. Now that's a coat for a Canuck dog, don't you think? And it's got a hood.

Yay! I'm going to be so warm and so cool!

And even better news -- she found this online too: a 50' nylon off-lead training line with a handle. I have a 30' tie-out in the back yard but it has to be clipped to a stake. With this one, Mama, Papa or Daniel can walk with me and let out the line so I can run.

Remember how sad I was at Beaver Lake last week when Sophie and Clover ran off-leash and I wasn't allowed to? Well, that's never going to happen again. Now, if we go to a park that's not fenced in, I'll have 50' of freedom!

Oh, I'm a happyBoxer tonight!


Arabella said...

I think those are both very nice coats Chef, I have the opposite problem - people always think I'm a boy because mom only finds boys clothes for me. But anyway I think you look handsome in your snood coat.


Maggie and Mitch said...

You're right, Chef! The turtleneck snood has got to go! It's not manly enough for you!
We LOVE the new hooded jacket! It's beautiful! We can't wait to see it on you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Clover said...

Hi Chef!
Brr - it is just about the same here, so cold already!
I know you like to look handsome and cool (which you totally do) but I am sorry to tell you that you are ALSO cute. :) You can't help it! Don't be embarrassed.
Your new coat is going to be SO cool! I got a new coat last night too.
Love Clover xo

Abby said...

Hi, Chef...

I think you looked great when you went outside...But I think you will Super Great in your new jacket...

That 50' lead will be great for you...

Abby xxxooo

Moco said...

That is one manly parka. You will be the toast of the dog park. We are sure your mama didn't mean to make you less manly. She just wanted to keep you warm and still get you out for a walk. That is a good mama.

The Puppies said...

Congrats Chef on your training lead and new warm coat!! We don't need coats in Alabama, but it sure looks warm!!! We know how you feel about the whole off leash thing.. our mom and dad don't let us go without our leashes at parks that aren't fenced in either!! They're so silly and worry so much!!
The Puppies
p.s. we think the snood looks very cute on you (which may not be the look you were going for but it isn't a bad thing!!!)

Niamh said...

You know how I feel about snoods Chef, so I sympathize with you! The coat looks much better and you will be very macho and handsome in it.

Here in NC we don't have to wear coats because it just doesn't get that cold and we have very little snow. I wish we would get some.

Your friend,

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Is there something wrong with my vision 'cause I saw nothing wrong with that snood wrapped around your neck. You look totally cool in that!
I saw those pictures you and Clove met up the other day. How nice!
Please come visit me to share my happiness, I have to shout out loud my love, I'm deeply in love, buddy!


Hey Chef,

I was just over at Addie's blog and I gotta tell you your gonna win a price...there's no doubt about. We just love them bat eyes.

Love ... Mona

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Hey Chef,

Wow it's so cold over there! You look great with the outfit!

Cocoa and Barley

Aniemother said...

Now that's a good coat! Good thing the snood was a one time experience! It's getting cold here too, often freezing at night but I don't think we'll be seeing any snow yet!


Lois Lane/Laney said...

Awe, I think you look good in it!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Uhhhhh Chef?

You let your mom put that crap on you? I mean, why did you even give her the chance to dress you in that. I'm so sorry man, I'm embarrassed for you! However, you do look all snuggly and warm, and GASP!!!! Dare I look adorable! I'm sorry but you do! However, your bulging muscular muscles are just daring to rib right through the snood!


I finally put up my biography!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Dewey Dewster said...

Wow Chef..

YA did look a bit silly with that coat the parka yer Mom ordered is really stylish lookin'.....a much better wardrobe purchase fer a spunky boxer like yerself...fer sure.....ya are sure ta look like the Cats !ss in it....yes siree....go Chef !!!!

Dewey Dewster here......

Gucci said...

Hey Cheffie!

Sorry I've been away for soooo long. Mom's been hogging the laptop doing "WORK". Whateverrr.

I think you look like topgun in your picture there heehhe.

If that jacket your Mommy ordered fits your deep chested self nicely, make sure you tell me. My mommy might get me one too! I no likey the snood...but it sure does keep my ears toasty!

[kiss on the jowls]


the 4 Bs said...

hi Chef, oh we love that new coat that your mom ordered for you. that's very handsome. you are going to be warm and stylish!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chef!
I am sorry to tell you this but... you look great!
Kisses and hugs

Abby said...

Hi, Chef...

I gave you an Award...

Please stop by & pick it up when you get a minute...

Abby xxxooo

Mango said...

That snood is just awful. I think if you are going to wear it, you better wear a mask too so nobody knows its you.


Bella the Boxer said...

I didn't even know what a SNOOD was! But now that it's been voted a "fashion faux pas" by my dear friend Chef, I don't ever want to wear one!

xoxo - Bella

Deefor said...

Hi Chef
That new coat looks really cool. But I'm scared now. You gave my mom a terrible idea about putting those neck warmer things on us. Oh no!


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

You're right - it sure is getting cold here in Canada. Nice jacket

Eric said...

Thats chilly! The new coat with the hood is stylin' Chef. Yep, nice duds, handsome. Stay warm.

Wiry wags, Eric x

Mya said...

Very, very handsome, Chef, even with the snood!

~*~Mya Papaya~*~