My thoughts on plushies

November 15th /08

Here I am playing with my new rabbit plushy. Actually, I thought I was alone. I had no idea Mama was capturing me at my silliest on video. So I was going at my rabbit like a savage until I spotted her. You can see how embarrassed I was when I realized I was being filmed.

Anyway, I was trying very hard to pulverize that rabbit, just like I did with a couple of stuffies I used to own. But I was just wasting my time. Did you ever try to rip open a plushy? It just can't be done. Besides having no insides and nothing to disembowel, you can't even pull it apart.

I have all kinds of plushies in my toy basket - a moose, a raccoon, a beaver, to name a few. And they're like the day I got them. I haven't been able to rip one open yet. Not one! I could chew and tug and thrash those things around all day long but I just can't destroy them for love or money.

Well, plushies are better than nothing, I suppose. They're soft and furry, but they're so skinny! They're a pretty poor replacement for a fat, hard-core stuffy, don't you think?

Frankly, give me a real rabbit any day. There aren't too many of those around here. There are plenty of squirrels but they see me and disappear up a tree so fast I just can't catch them. We almost walked into a skunk the other night in the back yard. Mama did a quick about-face and I spun around and got so dizzy that my legs got all tangled up. I felt like my head was facing one direction but my legs were going in another. Mama said I looked so funny. Yeah, ha ha. There've also been a few raccoons in the yard but I only got to watch one from inside, which was a good thing because his black mask and beady little eyes really scared me. There are zillions of birds but as soon as I spot one, I lurch ahead and pull Mama's arms from their sockets, and then I get my chain yanked and well, that's all over.

Anyway, I just want to register my complaint about plushies. They're ok to sniff and toss around the room, and act silly with. And it's fun to make them squeak. But they just don't satisfy my primative destuffing instinct. Are any of you experiencing this problem, or am I just going through a phase?


Niamh said...

Hi Chef,

I don't have any plushies, just stuffies. I thrash my stuffies but good. I used to rip the legs and arms off as soon as I got one, but now that I am three, I am a little more restrained and wait a bit before I destroy it. It does feel great to make a stuffie explode!

Your friend,

Lola Smiles said...

lol, Chef sweetie, you're doing it all wrong! You've got to shake them stuffies! ;)

luv ya
Lola Smiles

Raising Addie said...

Hi Chef!

Mom stopped buying me stuffies because I destroy them too fast. I am starting to miss pulling stuffing out!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chef!
I have both. Plushies and stuffies and I have never destroyed one!
I just shake them.
I liked your video!
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

We don't have any plushies and all the stuffies have been wrecked by the girls......sigh.
Love the video Chef.

Noah x

Ashley said...

Hi Chef,

I love my stuffed rabbit too much to try to disembowel it! It's soft and lovely to chew and is always there for me to play with.

Chow Chow

Maggie and Mitch said...

We don't get plushies here, not unless they're gifts, because Mitch destroys them too fast! That boy has no respect for anything!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Deefor said...

That plushy thing looks like fun to toss around. I have to look into those. I need some new suff. (Not stuffies, just stuff.


The Puppies said...

Chef, you are so cute rolling around with your plushy!!! But, I have to be honest, you CAN destroy those plushies.... i have done it.... you just gotta rip the squeakers out and destroy those!! I live for destroying squeakers out of ANY toy!!!! You should get stuffies as well as plushies though... nothing is more fun than throwing stuffing all around the house!

Gucci said...

Hey CheffyWeffy,

I don't even have plushies and my pile of stuffies is dwindling. I kill 'em too fast so mom's been getting me lotsa rubbery things to play with...not kongs though, I'm not into those.

I agree with Lola though, you gots to shake your plushies around and then flip in the the air and play catch with yourself. :]

Hope you're having a great weekend handsome!

kisses 'n boxergirl snuggles

Technodoll said...

Hah! No plushie stays alive here in our house for more than 3 minutes... we've managed to disembowl and rip apart even the toughest of toys sooo mom doesn't buy us anymore. Bummer. It sucks being hunting dogs.


Your akita buddies xoxo

Trailboss said...

Hi Chef,

We call plushies pretties here. My girls enjoy them a lot. Annie loves to play and toss them, roll over on them and find the sqeaker and just sqeak away. Sophie however tears them apart almost immediately. So we don't end up with many that stay around very long. We can take the sqeaker out of them and give it to Annie and she is in Heaven. If you take the sqeaker and show it to her she licks her lips until she gets it. If we put it somewhere she sits by it and whines and whimpers and begs for it. It is just too cute.

happy said...

I've never had a plushy, so I wouldn't know. Perhaps it's just a phase. That's what LS always tell herself.

Mango said...

First of all, there is nothing silly about your behavior in that movie. I just don't see what your mom was referring to.

I'm glad to hear that those plushies don't come apart. I am sending Momma to the dog store to get me some.


Clover said...

Haha Chef, you looked so cute rolling around on your plushie! I have one of those too, a raccoon. Sometimes I just try to rip the fuzz off of him. :) Try that!
Love Clover xo

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Mom is pretty happy that I haven't destroyed any of my toys yet. She's only had to throw out one since April. And that one was just because I punctured the sqeaky part, and it was cheap enough to just buy another.

Honey the Great Dane said...

What's a plushy?? What's the difference between a plushy and a stuffy?

I have lots of stuffed toys - I like to carry them around and stick them in visitors faces! :-) I love de-stuffing them, so that the whole living room is covered in white stuff! That's why my humans now buy all my stuffed toys from the charity shop for $1 each, so it doesn't matter if I destroy them - the pet store ones are a rip-off! It's OK coz I'm not interested in eyes or noses or squeakers so I don't swallow anything - I just like to take the stuffing out! Hee! Hee!

Honey the Great Dane

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Chef,

Thanks for coming over to my website and explaining plushies to me!! :-)
I don't think we've ever seen them my humans are going to look next time they're at the pet store!

Honey the Great Dane

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Mom won't let us play with skunks either. Not sure what is up with that..
Mom thinks Louie might have been a bit more aggressive since we forgot his vibrating collar at home. He thought he was free...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Chef, We're getting very excited about that dog show. Maybe if you do well, your mama will buy you a real rabbit to roll around on, although my mama says she doesn't really want to see that video. I do!


Dewey Dewster said...

Gee Chef...

If ya don't like plushies ya sure were havin' a great time there...I can tell ya that if ya get someone ta tug with ya...ya can pull those plushies apart like crazy...I can loan ya Toby if ya want a tug-mate....he's good at it and makes lots of noise too.....good luck...

Dewey Dewster here....

Pedro said...


My mom says that plushie looks like road kill! I've never heard of that kind of toy before, I'm gonna get my mom to google it!


Miss Sophie said...

Naughty pup tip: In the absence of stuffies, pull open the cushions.
Velvety Kissies

Eric said...

A plushie? I've never seen one ...well until I saw you with yours.I need to google it like Pedro too!

Wags, Eric x

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...


What's up Gangster! I totally love the stuffies! I don't even eat the stuffing, I just like to slobber it up and spit it out! Then I give my human the look of "Beeeyotch! You gotta huge mess to clean up!" Hehehehehe!

Anyway, my next door neighbor has some rabbits that run free in his yard. I like to stalk them. One time I was watching them a little too intensely and I went to pounce on one, but ran into the fence instead. Woohoo!

So, if I ever catch one of those rabbits I will send it your way!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Bella the Boxer said...

I've never had a plushy...I have to register a complaint with my Mom!! My personal favorites are the Dr. Noyz toys...I have a lamb, a duck, a frog, a snake and a bear!!

xoxo - Bella

Moco said...

We have stuffies and stuffie fuzz all over the house. Grammie finds pieces of stuffies when she picks up poo. You are really losing out of one of the finer aspects of life. You do look cool rolling around on the plushie.

Rambo said...

I see you were getting totally frustrated with that plushie. I don't have any advice for you cause I have never ever ripped one of those things open. As a matter of fact, I have never destroyed one of my toys. Remember, I am a little bitty chihuahua..although I am a mighty tuff one. I just don't enjoy all that fake fur in my mouth.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Hey Chef. THis is something that my dogs don't seem to have an issue with. They start with plushies ... it's like they learn with them. Now that they are able to tear them to shreds (literally) in a matter of minutes, they have turned their heads to the real deal.

They are always on the lookout for some good-eatin' rabbits, mousies or rats. This week they found a beaver ... missed it by only a few inches.

Maybe this is just the beginning for you and you will develop these skills as time goes on?