I'm 3 !!

July 27 /09


Actually, my birthday was on Saturday, but we were away for the weekend in Kingston, Ontario for a show. It's kind of hard to celebrate your birthday at a dogshow, unless the judges let all us dogs run free and party. But even I knew that wasn't going to happen so I decided to not even think about my birthday til today.
So I celebrated by spending my entire day with Mama. Don't you love when moms have a day off from work and the weather's nice?

I chewed on my favourite stick and then we played ball. Mama's a little on the clutzy side and she throws like a girl. Frankly, I just wanted to play with my ball by myself and look for squirrels and maybe dig up a couple of the hostas. But I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I put up with it for a while and then I hid.

But there was one thing and one thing only that I really, really, really wanted on my birthday ...

I was wishing so hard for one special thing.... can you guess what it was?

Ice cream. Yeah!
Mama finally took that silly hat off me and I went inside to play with my new plushies that I got at the show.

A happy birthday boy
Later in the evening, Mama borrowed the key to the swimming pool we share with our neighbours at our condo. I got to run off-leash all around the grounds surrounding the pool for 20 minutes. I was jumping and twirling and running like the wind. For me that's a huge treat. I don't get to run wild off-leash often enough. I don't really enjoy the dogpark anymore because some of the people (not the dogs) aren't very nice because their dogs are untrained and aggressive. So now Mama's going to ask the pool manager if I can run there every night when the pool is closed. Hmmmm. Maybe all my dogfriends from the condo can run with me. Imagine - a poolside party every night!

Thank you, Mango and Abby, for these beautiful birthday cards.

n n n n n n n n

My beautiful friend Honey is having a Spectacular Slobber contest. Here are my entries. Take your pick, Honeygirl.

I only drip-slobber at the dinner table. Sometimes I shake my head and paste my spit right to the diningroom wall. Ha Ha. That's so much fun.

Sometimes I bubble-slobber.

Don't forget to post your best slobber photos on your blog and let Honey know you're in the competition.

Have a great week, everybody.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Your day did look pawtastikh!

It looks like woo even got some beaver fur your big day!

Ice khream?
Ball with Mom??

Yep, a grrrrreat day!

PeeEssWoo: Did woo make the hat disappear yet?

Carmen (boxercab) said...

Wow, that was a fun-filled day. Glad to hear you had a good woofday, Chef! Bella and Bruno send three slobbers each!!! :)

Tee said...

Hello there Chef!

We hopes you get lots of ice cream for your birthday!

Happy Barkday and Many many happy returns of the day with plenty of unleashed runs by the poolside!

Licks and wags

TUffy and the Dog Woods Pack

the 4 Bs said...

hi Chef, happy birthday. you are looking as handsome as ever. we're glad you got ice cream. that's the best treat ever invented.

we love your slobber pictures. Benson is the only one of us who drools, and it's only when he is watching our birds. poor fella.


Hero said...

Happy birthday, Chef!!! Sounds like you had a great time on your special day. Watching your ice cream video is giving me serious cravings. Those are great photos for the slobber contest! I especially love the one with the spit bubble. I would participate, but I don't really slobber.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy birthday, Chef!

Jan said we have to pass on the slobber contest. She said if we take up slobber or chewing tobaco.... We were looking forward to learning something new.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Chef! We are THRILLED that you got have ice cream! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Your beaver stuffie looks like fun!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Puppies said...

Happy Birthday Chef!!! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Did you get in the water at the pool any? Our mom wants to take us to a pool to see who would jump in but so far we haven't found one!
Have a great birthday week!!!
The Puppies

Butchy and Snickers said...

Hey Chef,
Happy 3rd Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a pawsome day with your Mama. Even your own private pool & running spot. We don't blame your Mama for not taking you to a bark park. Mama won't let us go. There is only 1 very tiny one 20 minutes from here. She knows that there are probably very bad owners that take their dogs there. Our land is way bigger then the park too. Glad you enjoyed your ice cream!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Deefor said...

Happy Birthday. You are about the same age as Arrow but you are much more mature. Glad you got your ice cream wish. And running around is the best. (I think I am sometimes one of those bad doggies at the dog park-- but I'm working on it.)


Eric said...

Happy barkday Chef! Sounds like you had a blast on your birthday. Mom throws like a big girls blouse too but how fab to have your Mom with you all day. I was a bit worried when I saw you flip some of your icecream on the grass but phew you had it covered. And whats this - a pool party every night? Wooohooo. I'm waiting patiently for my invite!

Wiry wags n kisses Eric xx

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday, Chef!
I can see you had a pawesome day! Playing with your ball, eating ice cream, playing with your toys and then running and running!
Kisses and hugs

Moco said...

Happy Barkday Big Guy. We loved all the videos of you. Don't be running into the pool.

Emma and Emmy said...

Hello Chef,

Happy Birthday to you and many more. ^_^

Peanut said...

Sorry we missed your birthday dude. Mom has been super lazy.

Joe Stains said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEF!!! What a perfect way to spend your day, with your Mom, a ball and some ICE CREAM! hooray!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Chef - I'm so sorry I've been so slack with visiting lately!


I loved your birthday post - especially the vidoes. I think my favourite part was when you were playing with your plushy and you rolled onto your back...so cute!!!

By the way, my human can't throw a ball to save her life either (and when she tries to kick - oh God! I have to cover my eyes!) - so I know how you feel!!

Thanks for those fantastic slobber photos!! Those are top entries for sure!!

Oh - about the marching paws (sorry, Hsin-Yi was going to pop by to answer your comment last time but she's been busy!) - don't worry! It can take some time with some dogs! Maybe you should give it a break for a few weeks and then come back to it - sometimes that really seems to help and when you come back to the fresh, it sort of "clicks" in your mind...it does for me!

Also - Hsin-Yi wanted to ask: is your human using the same hand for each paw? LIke she should always use different hands for each paw - if she is standing in front of you, then always use her right hand to cue your left paw, and her left hand to cue your right paw (ie. opposite corresponding paws) - because us doggies often respond better to physical cues & body language than words so if she uses the same hand to ask for both paws, that can really confuse us!! So maybe she can try that - this way, we learn that when we see THIS hand, it's always THIS paw - and when we see THAT hand, it's always THAT paw.

Anyway, don't be too hard on your human - I'm sure she is a great trainer! She has to be - I've seen how nicely you behave at shows and stuff - so tell her not to lose heart! But maybe it would be good to try some other trick for a while - Like how about the Spin? (I did a video on that a while back) I'll bet you could do really good Spins!! Or maybe a Bow?

Honey the Great Dane

happy said...

Happy belated birthday Chef! Ice cream certainly hits the spot! Ooh nice slobbers hehe...

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi again, Chef - I'm having trouble saving your drool photos from your blog onto my computer...would you mind emailing them to me? Thank you! my email is: bighoneydog@gmail.com

Honey the Great Dane

Homer said...

Hey Chef!

I know I'm a few days late but I still want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I've been neglecting my blog and I haven't had the chance to chek out my doggy friends' blogs. Missus is hooked on playing some online game 'Mafia Wars'.

Oh well Chef, I will drop by to visit you soon. Thanks for tagging me. I hope I can come up with something.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Happy Birthday Chef.. You are one lucky pup to have mom and ice cream all day..
We love your slobber photo..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Raising Addie said...

Yappy Barkday Chef!!!

Yappy Barkday to you,
Yappy Barkday to you,
Yappy Barkday dear Chef...
Yappy Barkday to YOU!

WOW you had the BEST Barkday!

Ice cream... toys... spending time with mom... playing and running! We wish we could have seen you twirling through the air! If you lived near us you could run and play with us!! Our mom worries about taking us to the community dog park for the same reasons why you don't go.

Good luck at your show this weekend! We just know that you are the BEST in show!!!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

Parsley said...

Nice to see your blog. My daughter wants a brindle boxer. If she sees you, I'm in trouble. We already have 6 dogs!

Abby said...

Hi, Chef...

Happy Barkday to you...
Happy Barkday to you...
Happy Barkday, Dear Chef...
Happy Barkday to you...

I was singing...Did you hear me???

I'm soooo sorry...I missed your Barkday...My Mom had those crazy hours this week...

I hope you had the best time ever...

Abby xxxooo

Dewey Dewster said...

Gee Chef....

We're sorry we missed yer birthday.....3 years old huh ???? I'll be 3 in October....on Halloween, no less....

It looks like ya had a great birthday too....stuffies....ball playin'...a favorite of ours too... I noticed ya like ta lay around 'n roll the ball in yer mouth a spell....ta make sure it full of slobber so when yer Mom picks it up she gets it all over 'er.....we do the same thing...oh yeah, 'n ya got ice cream....'n that was yer special wish too....I thought it woulda been a big pile of sticks....but then ice cream is sooooo good too...

Hope ya get ta have a bunch of pool parties... just runnin' and chasin' around like a nut.....now that's what I call fun......

Dewey Dewster here....

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Chef! Hope it was a great one!

PS - Mom says that she usually draws with graphite instead of charcoal.. she likes the control!