Boogie Woogie Woogie, Get Down

July 20 /07

I thought I was being the perfect hostess when I recently invited our Rabbi, David Goldfield, to our house to discuss my mom's upcoming unveiling.

Everything was going well until Morrie came home with Chef. Morrie exchanged a few pleasantries with Rabbi Goldfield and went upstairs, leaving Chef with us. Then I had to go upstairs to get some papers...

Well, a word of advice: NEVER leave your Boxer alone with a Rabbi! I came back down to find Chef on his hind legs lunging at the hapless Rabbi. Was it the kipa? They say Boxers are spooked by clothing they have never seen before. Maybe it was the beard. They say beards can also set off a Boxer. It could have been both for the unfortunate Rabbi, who, really was quite a sport. Now we are hard at work teaching Chef that when he meets someone new, he must keep four on the floor.

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