Some of the delicious things that Chef does that make us laugh:

k He sleeps standing up (see cartoon below)

k He can fall asleep in the reverse position, with his body on the couch and his head on the floor.

If we won't throw the ball for him, he'll take it in his mouth and throw it himself, and then chase it.

When one of us comes home, he goes berserk.... after he's kidney-beaned and danced around us, he'll find the nearest toy, roll over onto his back, pedalling his legs and tossing the toy around with his front paws.

kSince I'm the one who usually gives him a cookie when he obeys the "sit" command, he'll see me come home and plop his rump on the floor before I even tell him to sit. (Sit=cookie)

kWhen Ariella, Daniel's girlfriend, brings her dog over, Chef cleans Oakley's teeth with his tongue.

kHe snores louder than anyone I have ever heard, except for Morrie. When Morrie falls asleep beside Chef, you have to leave the room.

kWhen he finds a stick in the street, he takes it in his mouth, puffs out his chest and holds his head high as he trots around like the proudest dog on earth.

k Sometimes he goes into stubborn mode and won't listen. He'll take a jump backwards, stiffen his front legs and stare you down ... " You can't make me!" It is so funny you can't get mad.

k When he shakes the snow off himself, his back legs move so quickly that it's a blur. It's like they're suddenly dancing in fast-forward. Has to be seen to be appreciated.

k When he catches a ball, he'll turn his back to you for about five seconds, then turn around and run towards you. What goes on in his mind during that five-second delay is anyone's guess !


Peanut said...

Hey Chef it's nice to meet you. My mom says I do almost all that stuff on the list too. It might be a boxer thing. I am going to add you to my friends list if that is okay. We can be buddies.

Chef said...

Hi Peanut. What a cute name. So nice to hear from another Boxer - we are very special, aren't we? I'm going right to your blog so I can read all about you. Yes, let's be buddies.