Keeping it in the family

September 24/ 07

We're back from two days at the Club Canin Chomedey All Breed Championships. Chef earned two second-place Best of Opposite Sex ribbons, but the weekend really belonged to his Boxer family. Hugs and kisses to his sister Rose, who won Best of Breed on Saturday, and his cousin Reilly, who got Best of Breed and her Championship on Sunday.

We are ok with the results, but Morrie has pointed out an unfortunate error that could have cost Chef his BOB Sunday. Chef was handled by someone who isn't familiar with him. And although he handled him quite well, when the judge asked him how old Chef is, he didn't know. Age at this point is crucial. It is rare for a dog as young as Chef to be a Champion. If the judge had known that he is only l4 months old, concessions for his appearance might have been made and he might have won. The fact that she asked probably meant that she was considering him for the win. Chef is still lanky and is expected to bulk up this coming year, but in the meantime, the judge probably figured he was an older dog and just too immature-looking to win BOB.

Then again, Reilly and Rose are two beautiful Boxers and the outcome might have been the same no matter what. We'll never know and it doesn't matter.

I suppose it wouldn't be interesting if Chef won every time he went on. And with each show, we learn more about the process. It seems a lot of things have to play out favourably in order to win: the right handler, the personal preferences of the judge, and your dog's performance against the competition. Win or not, it's just fun to attend the shows and watch Chef compete, and to meet up with all the Boxer people who are so nice. This time, a small entourage from Maisliner, Charlene, Patrick and Tammy and her son, joined us on Sunday, which was great.

So after a disappointing, but enjoyable two days, Chef had a nap, Morrie had a beer and I had a house to clean !

Barry handling Reilly before her Championship - just look at that sweet face.

Emily handling Chef's sister, Rose, who went on to win BOB - she's a little doll.

Me and Chef at the show, Chef consoling Morrie after the show, and an exhausted Chef takes a well-earned snooze at home.

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Butchy & Snickers said...

Awwwh Chef,
You're such a good brodder letting your sis Rose win, heheheh! All of you are so darn bootiful. How can judges pick winners anyway?? Hope you have a great week!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers