~ A Tribute to our friend, Dexter ~

October 5 /07

Yesterday, my friend Renee put down her darling little poodle, our friend, Dexter. He was 18 years old, deaf, blind and arthritic, and it was time for him to leave our world.
Renee made the wise choice of letting Dexter go before his life became unbearably painful. Instead of waiting for the inevitable fall or organ failure to cause him even greater suffering, she let him go in comfort, dignity and peace.
Up until two years ago, when his vision began to fade, Renee and I regularly walked Dexter on summer nights and he was a happy old guy, always trotting ahead with the energy and delight of a puppy. He was so cute, so smart and so loveable. I just adored him.

I will miss Dexter very much and I am so sad that he is gone. He was a lucky dog and had a long and happy life with a loving family who gave him the best care a dog could hope for.
Renee and her husband, John, made amazing sacrifices for Dexter in his last months and I admire them so much for it. Renee and her family have broken hearts right now and my sympathy and support are with them completely and always.

Run with the wind, Dexter.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda for those kinds words he was a great dog we all loved him dearly I think that he was able to touch all those who met him.

When you get a chance can you please forward that picture you have of him. I don't have many pictures of him and would like more.

Thank you Linda, I think Dexter knew he was loved by all and that includes you too. lots of love Sarah xox