Weigh to go!

February 3/08

Guess what?? I've gained three pounds!

Mama took me to the pet store and had me weighed last week and I'm 68 pounds now. Mama and Papa have been working hard to bulk me up because I'm too skinny. So they've been buying hamburger meat - Angus beef, don't ya know - and have been feeding me the most delicious meals.

At first I was pretty
good at separating my kibble from the beef bits but Mama didn't let me get away with it. So now she shreds the burgers into tiny pieces and squishes them into my kibble so it's all stuck together. The look on Mama's face when she's squishing tells me she thinks it's totally gross. Anyway, she's become an expert squisher and there's no way I can eat only the beef now, so I finish every bowl and could do it all over again if she'd let me.

Also, Mama says that too much fat isn't good for me, which is too bad because I could eat a whole cow at mealtime. So now during our walks we use the retractable leash and she has me running up and down all the snowbanks and trudging through the snow to help me build muscle. Mama was complaining about all the snow the storms dumped down on us but now she's happy about it because I can get all this great exercise. I love climbing the snowbanks but coming down is even more fun because I ski back to the sidewalk. That makes Mama laugh out loud right out there in the street.

Sometimes the snow is so deep and I'm running and jumping so much that it goes flying all around me. So going up the hill I'm a brindle Boxer and coming down I'm a white one!

Being up on the hilltops gets a little tricky though when there's a tree or a lampost because I can easily wrap my leash around them if I'm not careful. So Mama guides me around them which I appreciate because sometimes I don't look where I'm going and I get all silly up there too, and I could easily tangle myself all up. And then Mama would have to climb the snowbank to unravel me, and I think she'd rather not do that. Anyway, winter is starting to be a lot of fun and I'm a real big fan if whoever invented the retractable leash.

Here I am - King of the Hill


Peanut said...

Oh meat is the best. Glad you are getting some. You look quite dignified up there on the hill. I wish we had snow.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Chef,
We're getting sick of our snow, we've had way too much. We have ice layers under some of it & when we try to walk in the hills, our feet break through the ice. Mama's afraid we'll hurt or cut our toes or pads. We do love to run in the nice fluffy snow & bury our heads in it looking for mousies, hehehehe!
Hey, another dog show to watch starting Monday night!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Chef we love the picture on the hill. Congrats on your weight gain even though we thought you looked purfect already.

Our 2-wks daddy gone drama days are over so we trotted over to catch up on your bloggie and tell you we got a treat fur you.

Love Licks & waggin TX tails

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Chef,
Can you email us at BMALAAB@AOL.COM Then Mama will have your email so she can write an explanation for you on the links. You are referring to adding links to the dog blogs that you write in your posts right??
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have what every dog dreams of - more food and lots of walks Chef!!!