Showtime !

April 26 /08

Day 1:

Well, we're back from Day 1 of the show and we'll be heading back early tomorrow morning for Day 2. We had a really great day. This is how it went:

We were up bright and early and ready to boogy down the highway towards Iberville, which is about 45 minutes away. I was so excited but I had to compose myself or else I might flub it in the ring. So I stayed quiet, sprawled out in the back seat of the pick-up all tucked up in my soft cushypillow. Mama and Papa thought I was asleep, but really I was meditating and trying to relax myself so I'd be a calm Boxer by the time we got to Iberville. When they stopped at the greasy spoon for breakfast, I did some deep-breathing and chanted my relaxation mantra:

."Hari Om ... Vishnu Vishnu ...

I wanna be da bomb so I gotta be calm ...

Hari ommmmmmmmm."

Then I fell asleep and woke up just as we arrived at the arena. Mama took me for a little walk and wouldn't you know it? My breeder, Barry, who I hadn't seen in months, drove up just as I was doing a last-minute poop. And everyone laughed at the fine "howdy-doo" I had for him. That bit of impeccable timing got me off on the wrong paw, but things did get better later on.
Well, if I tell you that arena was a sea of doggies, all excited and preparing for their big moment. All I can say is it's a good thing I'm a bald dog because most of them were having their fur combed and blow-dried and curled and gelled and who knows what else. Anyway, I met up with a couple of my Boxer relatives and we played a bit. But ringtime was drawing near and we had to get buffed up so we were quickly assigned to our private quarters for some last meditative moments and alone time.

"Hari Ommmmmm ...

Soon I was practicing my turns and stuff with darling Emily, my handler, and I knew I was going to be a contender. I was calm and in control and wore my best serious face, thanks in good part to the smell of the liver bits in darling Emily's pocket, which I knew would be mine very soon!

.Well, it was finally showtime and we were ready to roll. Darling Emily romped me around the ring and the judge went over me and I managed to maintain my composure. I won a BOS (Best of Opposite Sex) ribbon which means that the BOB (Best of Breed) winner was a girl and I came in second in breed from among the remaining boys.
The judge had chosen me and a cute fawn girl as the top two and my family and friends held their breath. Then she asked darling Emily to move me to the front spot. In Canada, that is the place where the judge positions the winner, so everyone thought I got BOB, or first place. (I know, it's complicated.) But then she had a last final look and chose the fawn girl. So I came in second. If I had the choice of which Boxer I'd want to come in second to, it would have been the fawn girl because she was so adorable. She had the cutest white knee socks!

After the show all the Boxer people went out to eat while us doggies rested in the cars and then we were on our way home.

My BOS ribbon

Here are videos of the show. I'm with my darling Emily who's wearing a gray skirt and black jacket. If I didn't tell you about darling Emily, could you have spotted me?

Here the judge gives me a going-over.

This is where the judge played Musical Boxers!

So I was a good boy in the ring. I was a little ticked at the judge for positioning me first and then giving me second place. I had delicious visions of yanking off her shoe and running away with it but I fought the urge.

Going home after today's show ... I love riding with my head out the window and my jowls blowin' in the wind!

... we'll see what tomorrow brings ...

April 28 /08

Day 2

Today was a much better day for me, doggies. I won two ribbons, one for BOB (Best of Breed) which means I came in first among the Boxers, and a Third in Group ribbon, or third among the winners of each of the l8 breeds in the Working Group. Looky:

My Best of Breed ribbon

My Third in Group ribbon

Even though it was a long, tiring day, I had so much fun. Long and tiring because if you win your first competition, you have to hang around the arena and wait for your next one. That can get pretty tedious. Fun because I love being in the ring and because in between rounds, I went for walks, snoozed. and sniffed and snooped around the arena without being much of a pest. I was a very good boy. That's what everyone said.

Anyway, please excuse the quality of the next video. Someone was kicking Mama's seat and it made her camera move around too much. She says she's sorry and if you get dizzy watching it, just click off. No problem.

You'll probably recognize me right away in this one. I'm the only Boxer in the ring. The other dogs are the winners of their breeds, all of whom fall under the category of Working Group. We're called that because we were originally bred to perform jobs such as guarding property, pulling sleds, water rescue, etc. I'm with darling Emily who really knows how to bring out the best in me. This is the last couple of minutes of the Best in Group competition when the winners are put to the side to receive their ribbons.

The grande finale of the Working Group competition

In this next video, I'm being cajoled into posing for my official winner's picture. Well, by that time, I was dog tired, I tell ya, and I just wanted to plop my tired tush down and take it easy. But it dawned on me that the more I co-operate, the sooner I'd be outta there. Also, Mrs. Nicejudge was watching and I want her to pick me next time so I better be a good boy. And besides, darling Emily still had some liver bits in her pocket and I'd do anything for liver bits.

Picture Imperfect

So now life will go back to normal and right now I'm a tired but proud and happy Boxer.

I hope all of you had a great weekend too.

Thanks to all of you who wished me well for the show. It made me feel so good and I appreciate it very much. I'll be catching up on all your blogs this week to see what you have been up to.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Congratulations on your BOS win, Chef! You looked GREAT out there! We really enjoyed your videos!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

Congrats buddy. Good job. I will come up and bite that judge for you if you want me too.

boxercab said...

Loved your videos, Chef! I'm so proud of you!!! Congrats!

Sophie Brador said...

You are totally one BOS dude! Good work Chef. I hope you kick some doggie butt tomorrow and win big.

BTW, when is there a show in MOntreal?


CoCo said...

Congrats Chef on your win! You look great in the videos. I'm sure your Mama is super proud of you!


Clover said...

Congrats on your wins, Chef! Hope you had fun in the competition, you looked great!
Love Clover xo

Goooo Habs! :)

Gunner said...

Chef, awesome win dude!
I hope some of your winning ways rubs off on the Habs tonight!


Jennifer said...

Chef! Wow, dude! You are one studly fellow! Our mom thought your mom did an excellent job with the videos and she has been watching them over and over (so have we).

Congratulations on an EXCELLENT weekend!! We are so proud of you!

Four paws up from both of us (that means we both are laying on our backs) cuz you deserve it. EXCELLENT job.

Woofs and slobbers from,
'Bella and Gabe your Newfie buddies

Lola Smiles said...

Chef!! Whoa, dude, this is soooo exciting! Congratulations! I knew you could do it and my mom was quite impressed on how well you behave in that show ring surrounded by all those dawgs...I would have such a hard time - I would just want to herd everyone into the corner!!!

You'll have to let us know when you do another show again. My mom would like to go and practice taking pics of dogs!

I hope our HABS win tonight! Keep them paws crossed!

luv ya
Lola Smiles

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Chef! woohoo you totally deserve to win furst in everything! Congrats! you looked sensational in you video like we we're there!
See your mommy worried fur nothing you did great!

hey you musta added on to you posts a bit-at-a-time cos how could we have missed your bloggie birthday! We so glad you blog and we met you woohoo

Love Licks & waggin TX tails barking loud just fur you!!

pee ess: it was fun at the chat pawty so happy you met so many more new friends! CO

Moco said...

Great job. Loved the videos. You looked wonderful.

happy said...

Congratulations Chef! Good job! Great video of you!

Good news, Zoey is home safe and sound. Thank you for your prayers!

Simba said...

Just dropping by everyones blogs to say Hi.

Simba xx

Mango said...

Good work, little stripey dude! That showin stuff isn't easy.


Mack said...

I think the first judging was rigged if you didn't win BOS!!

But congrats on your other BOS and winnings!

My dad saw that video of you with your jowls flying in the breeze and he really wants a boxer now!!


Charlie said...

Congratulations, Chef! You're such a star!!
- Charlie

Anonymous said...

Message from Mama's friend:

Faith sent you a message.

Re: BOXERDOGBLOG ~ What's cookin' with Chef ?

"your blog page is fun.... aaaaand congrats on Chef's week end!!


AB clan said...

Congratulations! Dog shopws look fun.
We are show 's cats from France
AB Clan