May 31 /08

Kibble is a new feature on my blog. When nothing very exciting is happening, I'm going to post about little things that I find interesting or amusing and would like to share with you. So here is my first bowl of kibbles:

I was at a dogshow in Ottawa with my Papa last weekend where we met the Superintendent of Shows for the first time. He's Mr. Big of the show world and if you get to meet him, it's kind of like an honour. Anyway, Papa was in deep conversation with him and was hoping I'd make a good impression. Well wouldn't you know it... I had to pee. You think I peed on Mr. Superindendent, right? Wrong! What happened was way funnier ... I peed on a fence, only Mr. Superintendent was standing right beside it and my pee bounced off and landed on the back of his pants! Papa got a real wierd look on his face and abruptly ended the conversation. As Mr. Superintendent walked away, Papa spun on his heels and dragged me off. I could have busted out of my furs laughing. At first Papa looked p.o'd but then he started laughing too... um.. no pictures of this incident...

At the show, the crew from The Food Channel's Road Grill show was there, filming an upcoming segment. Papa and I were standing around as part of the audience when a producer asked Papa if they could film me eating off a spectator's plate. I pulled off a stunning performance, slobbering and licking up some yumalicious halibut wrapped in bacon! Huge gobs of grease and stinkyfish juice were dribbling out of my mouth. That's how good it was. I sent compliments to the chef, and he sent compliments back to this Chef, saying I licked the plate just fine! We're waiting to hear when the show will be aired, and I'll keep you posted. Thing is, I'm not sure American channels pick up that show, so if any of you know, please tell me. If they show me, Mama will video tape it and post it so you can all see my TV debut. In the meantime, they gave me a Road Grill Tshirt, which I will model for you right now.

Am I too sexy for my shirt?

Mama skipped over to this cool site that she saw on Eric's blog. It gives you your own personalized British aristocratic title. This is what they said:

Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title is: His Exalted Highness Duke Chef the Exhuberant of Piddletrenthide on the Carpet

Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

How did they know that I piddled on the carpet ???

I was really having a good time with this because the names are so funny. I came up with a few more of my own, like:

Lord Chef the Hungry of Slobberdrop-on-Floor

Grand Duke Chef the Happy of Lower Wigglebottom

Young Prince Chef the Playful of Catchball-by-Jowl

His Excellency Lord Chef the Expressive of Loudness of Barkshire

Milord Earl Chef the Sloppy of Muchcrumb-by-Bowl

His Excellency Chef the Beggar of Spittle-upon-Table

His Noble Bishop Chef the Eager of the The House of Manycookie

I also got a fortune cookie. I found this really amazing, considering I'm expecting a Goody Exchange package in the mail any day now:

Expect to receive a gift from a friend.

Get another Cookie from Miss Fortune

... which brings me to the topic of the International Goody Exchange. For everything to go as planned, you should all have made contact with your partner by now and your packages should have been mailed, or should be mailed within the next day or so. Hopefully, everypet will have their goody package by the week of June 9. If not, not to worry. It's never too late to get your goodies out.

Mama came home with Beasley's gifts the other day and I went poking around in the bag to check everything out. I had to make sure she got everything I think Bease would like. I approved of her purchases and then I hustled her off to the post office and the goody package is on it's way to Arizona. I can't wait to see Bease jumping around with joy when he opens his package. In fact, I can't wait to see all of you when you get your surprises. So tell your humans to take pictures and videos and to post them to your blogs so we can all share the excitement, ok ?

Oh yeah, and tell them to contact me or Beasley when the pictures and videos are posted... maybe we'll open a blog page just for the Goody Exchange visuals and everyone can post them there too with a little blurb about what it was like for you when your goodies arrived.

JB wanted to know more about my catsisters, Beauty and Rugrat, since he's partnered with them for the exchange. So here are pictures of them.

That's Beauty on the left and Rugrat on the right. We don't know how old either of them are because when they were rescued, no one knew their ages exactly. But Beauty is about 15 and Rugrat is about 11. Beauty is a very curious and sociable girl, and is always getting herself into trouble. She's fallen off window sills and has been stuck up trees I don't know how many times. She also once almost got herself thrown into a garbage truck. And a couple of years ago she was in a fight with a big dog and she ended up in the hospital for a long time. Mama says Beauty has much more than nine lives.

Rugrat had a bad trauma before she came to us and she's very skittish. We don't see much of her. When I joined the family, she moved into Mama's closet. But she has lots of room. She comes out at night and when we let her outside, she stays out til morning. We think she has a boyfriend.

I love them both but they are afraid of me because I am so big and I am a pest. Beauty sometimes lets me sniff her and poke her with my nose, but Rugrat won't let me near her. She runs and hides under the bed. I don't fit under the bed so she watches my big feet skip back and forth from one end of the bed to the other til I give up and leave, and then she runs into the closet. They're very silly cats, if you ask me.


Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Chef!!! I'm so excited to send you my present! I told my human everything I wanted to get you, and when she got home with the bags...well I got excited and decided that I wanted to have your package contents! Good thing my human got me my own bag of goodies, or she woulda had to go shopping again.

I bet you meant to pee on that man huh? It's like marking your teritory. Anything the pee touches is now yours! Heheeh!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're rolling on the floor at the thought of the superintendent's wet pant leg! hehehehe
Our box was shipped out on Thursday! We can't wait for the big day!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Zoo Crew said...

Woohoooo, you're a super star!!!

Peace + Paws,


The Zoo Crew said...

Woohoooo, you're a super star!!!

Peace + Paws,


Peanut said...

Oh hahaha peeing on that guy. That is so cool you are going to be on tv. Our packages are going to be mailed on monday. Our boy got sick and mom had to take him to the doctor.

Moco said...

What great names you have. I bet that dog show guy didn't realize that he was being pee'd on my royalty.
We won't mail our package till Monday. I hope it gets there on time.
Do you get to do that Drive-in's, Diners and Dives show next. Grammie loves that show.

Gaia the Airedale said...

How neat you got to eat some yummy food and get a really cool shirt! Itll be so cool to see yourself on tv. Have a good weekend!

puppy breath,

Sophie Brador said...

Chef, I bet that guy has been peed on by hundreds of dogs. At the very least, he should be honoured to be sprayed by the famous Chef!


Kimi Wagner said...

Hi Chef

Sorry for the late action on my part, my mum has been busy these last 2 weeks, crazy it has been really. Anyway, she's emailed Moko and given her our address, now we're waiting for them to reply and we'll get the packages out asap. Gotta kick Mum in the butt for neglecting my gift exchange. Thanks for organizing this for us. This is really fun.


Mango said...

You rock with the bounce pee. Momma says she saw a doggie do his poopies at Westminster once. Not cool.


Gus and Louie said...

I pee on dad sometimes when he is digging in the dirt. Mom keeps a very close eye on me..

gus and louie

Pippa said...

I've not done the peeing on - or even bouncing off humans - trick. Perhaps I should try it.

The food number sounds very clever, I'm impressed with that one.

I hope being on film doesn't mean you are going to negotiate extra rates for my Pippafilm though.

Jennifer said...

Chef, we've been in contact with our swap partners and will ship our package out tomorrow. YIKES! You won't bite us if it doewn't get there on the 9th, will you? You know we are just "little" weenies at heart, eh? come you didn't tell us you were showing at the Ottawa show? Oh my DOG!! Our momma worked the show as a volunteer (She didn't show Gabe that day.) Anyway, she said she remembers seeing some boxers and "OH MY DOG!" Could she have seen you, Chef?

So close...and yet so far...

We are looking forward to meeting you in all of your doggy glory one day!


Your pals the Newfies,
'Bella and Gabe

4xBs said...

hey Chef, that was a whole bunch of kibbles there, dude. and you being on TV - oh dogness, we are gonna have to get your pawtograph before you get too famous for your t-shirt! hee hee.

our mom did our shopping for our pals, A&A, and she is putting the package in the mail tomorrow. we got them some really good stuff. we can't wait to see how excited they are.


Mack said...

You are going to be on TV???!
I can't wait to see it! When you find out the date it airs let us know okay?
My mom loves the Food Network.
My mom did shopping for the Goody Exchange yesterday. I think Rocky & Bear will like what she picked out!!

Southbay Girl said...

Hi Chef-I sure do like your aristocratic titles-I'll have to get one! I'm sorry your kitties don't like you too much!!! They are fun to have in the house!


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Great job peeing on the guy's pant leg, Chef! Our package was mailed to Koobuss, this morning. We can't wait for the excitement to begin! We aren't sure, but we think we get that Food Channel show. If you can find out, let us know when it will air. We want to see your famous face on TV!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Bella the Boxer said...

I LOVE your t-shirt, Chef! My Mom's going to be watching the Food Network to see if she sees you!!

xoxo - Bella

Eric said...

OH Chef I'm giggling at your blog- you and me Piddlers on the carpet!!So true!! Only 1 rug in my house (which Mom says was the most expensive one in the whole square shop) and guess what I did as a puppy sooooo many times.... yep pidlleee om pom pom .. still get a delightful whiffy of it now .... very tempting.

Hope you can get to se you TV debut. Did they pay you? Remind them as a member of the aristocracy you should get royalties!!!

Wags, Eric x

Toffee said...

That story about you peeing on the "Mr. Big" dude is hilarious! You go boy! tee hee.

I like the pictures of your kitty sissies...Beauty sure is a Beauty!

have a fun filled day!