A Day at the Dogshow

What does a Boxer look like after he spends two days in the sweltering heat at a dog show?


We're back from a two-day show in Brome, Quebec and I gotta say, I earned my special supper, a romp in the garden, and a good snoozeroo.

Because LOOK at what I came home with:

Two Best of Breed ribbons and a Best in Group ribbon !!

I didn't get Best in Show, but the buzz is I came close, and this is the best I've ever done at a show ... I am so on a roll!

(Mama keeps reminding me about something called modesty. Well I don't know what that means really, because I never went to grammar school like she did. Anyway, she also said I shouldn't forget that this was not a big show and there weren't as many entrants as a big show would have, which increased my chances of winning in the Breed class. Yeah, ok, whatever ..)

So anyway, this was my first outdoor event of the summer, and we had a lot of fun, despite the weather.

It was a bazillion degrees on Saturday and my tongue would definitely have been dragging on the ground if not for Mama spritzing cool water into my mouth every few minutes. Darling Emily, my handler, also had me wrapped in a cooling towel much of the time, and Mama and Papa found a nice breezy corridor where I could rest in fresh air.

I never worry about the weather at a show threatening my health or well-being. If Mama and Papa think I am uncomfortable in any way, they'd take me right home. We were fortunate that there were indoor stalls at the fairgrounds with a nice cool breeze blowing through them. That's where all the dogs stayed on Saturday when it was hot. Plus, there was plenty of water and I wore a cooling towel outside. So at the first sign of discomfort, they'd have packed up the truck and headed home.

Anyway, luckily, the thunderstorms that were predicted didn't happen. I can't begin to imagine what a fairground filled with a bunch of steamed hot dogs (haw haw!) spooked by thunder and lightening would have been like.

Anyway, I had Mama take some pictures on Sunday so I could share a country dog show with you.
First I'll introduce you to two of my cousins, Diva and Dreamer. They were at the show and are just beginning to earn their points. They're about a year old now and the cutest little Boxers I've ever seen. I first met them last summer when they were newborns. We were all at a BBQ at our breeder's house and Dreamer, who wasn't even named yet, fell asleep in Mama's arms for about an hour. It was time to eat, but she didn't want to wake him up so she was late for supper! I was a little jealous but I got over it. Anyway, Dreamer and Diva live in Montreal too with Ricky and Francesca and their two other Boxers, Sequel and Taz.

Dreamer with his Papa, Ricky

Diva with her Mama, Francesca

Now I'm going to show you around the grounds. We'll start with the parking lot.

Dogs and their parents travel from near and far to compete. Some drive cars, others drive SUVs, some drive trucks (like us) and the real long-distance people drive monster campers like these.

I checked out the license plates, and saw vehicles from as far away as the New England states and all across Canada. Some dogshow folks spend most of their lives travelling from city to city to compete. They're usually the ones with the huge campers, and many of them are decorated with all kinds of big dog decals. If you saw one on the highway, you would know there are showdogs on board.

If you're going to hang out at shows, your humans sometimes have to get used to grungy food and a tummy ache.

Lots of people bring their own food. Mama and Papa usually bring fruit, trail mix, water and juice, (and lots of Cokes), but they pigged out on hotdogs and chips at this stand all weekend, which was a rare treat. If the show is at a big park, there are usually lots of BBQs going on. Just about everyone goes out for a big supper at the end of the day.

And the facilites kind of make the humans wish they could pee on trees like us!

This is actually one of the finer dog show toilettes. At bigger shows, you have to use Johnnies ... never ask my Mama what happened to her cell phone when she used a Johnny at a show last summer!

There are also kiosks that sell dog toys, clothes, grooming equipment, leashes and collars, dog beds, pillows, and all kinds of breed-specific things that humans like to collect.

Now, on with the show. Before you go ringside, it's best to release your energy and do your business, so a quiet walk in a nice secluded area is very important.

Mama and I on a walk before the show. The smells at a dogshow are totally delish.

This is the holding area where dogs and their handlers prepare to enter the ring. It also includes the judge's table, the show superintendent and steward, a grooming area, chairs for spectators, and...

... ribbons.

Under the tent, there's always a lot of activity and chatter, both human and canine. There's a tremendous amount of organization and co-operation required to keep a show on course.

The holding area is also where you get to check out the competition, or look for your parents, which is what I'm doing here. Earlier in the day, Darling Emily banished Mama and Papa from being with me between rounds because I keep looking for them when I'm in the ring (I miss them!) and it interferes with my concentration. They also have to watch me in the ring from behind poles and trees so I can't see them. Are we happy about this? Not so much.

Here I am in the ring about to win my second Best of Breed of the weekend. That's me in front.

Anyway, if you win a round, be prepared to hang around the grounds, sometimes for hours, until the next one. So it's best for the humans to bring something to keep them occupied because they may not feel like flattening down on their bellies and chewing on pig ears.

I was with Darling Emily - away from Mama's and Papa's loving eyes, playing with my toys and staying cool, Papa walked around and talked with all the dog people, and Mama read the paper in the back of our truck. Yes, that's a Coke AND a coffee beside her. I think my Mama has a caffeine addiction, which is ok because I require a lot of energy!

I met some really nice dogs during the weekend. Here are some of them.

Tennessee and Parker the Bulldogs

Buster and Callie the Pyrenees Mountain Dogs

Taffee the Chinese Crested

Splenda the French Bull Terrier

Some beautiful Goldies and a Black Lab whose names I forget

Zsa Zsa the Poodle

I really wanted to flirt with this Boxergirl but then I saw she had a boyfriend.

So there you have it - a day at the dogshow. I hope you enjoyed your tour. Have a great week!

Darling Emily, the Judge and moi

__________ ! __________

Aroooooooo! What a surprise I just got. I'm too barkless to explain. Check out this link and go to Lynbary's Captivator - (that's my fancyname): http://www.bestdogincanada.com/Grp3.php?breed=Boxer

* recalculated IMMEDIATELY following weekend shows


Peanut said...

those pugs look like bulldogs to us. Sounds like a fun time but hot. Hot is not good. Congrats on your wins. We are proud of you.

Sophie Brador said...

Chef, Just as I suspected, you totally rock the dog world! Congrats on those wins.


Rambo said...

Congratulations Chef!
You are the best looking boxer I know and you deserve those ribbons. Keep up the good work.
Rambo and MM

Jennifer said...

Arooo roooo roooooo! Way to go, Chef! Woof woof! You 'da man! Congratulations.

Your mama writes a great blog. The pictures are great.

I am not showing this summer (but mama makes me train still.) I'll probably get back in the ring next spring. I sure hope you'll send us an email if you are going to be in our area, cuz we wanna shake the paw of the GREAT CHEF!

EXCELLENT post of your fun at the show.

Woofs and slobbers from your Newfie pals,
Gabe and big sis' 'Bella.

P.S. My mama drinks a lot of caffeine too. She says it is our fault. Huh?

Wuffstuff said...

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We're looking for members with quality dogs to add pix to our site.

Hope you could have a look at us.

Niamh said...

You are such a handsome boxer boy that it is no wonder you won all those ribbons.

It is a lot of hard work to be a show dog. I tried but I did not enjoy the stacking and the grooming. One of my sisters is a Ch and another brother and sister have got points. My mom and dad are Ch too.

Congratulations on your big wins.

Your friend,

Patrick and Jackson said...

Great job at your show!

Abby said...

Hi, Chef...

Congratulations!!! You are one good looking boxer...

Sounds like you had a great day...

Abby xxxooo

Deetz said...

I got my goodie exchange package from Buster...it was glorious

Eric said...

High fives Chef!!!! Wow you are a true winner!!!! You look 'mazing and deserved those winners ribbons. I loved your tour of the dog show and felt exhausted at the end of it like you.

But lets cut to the chase Chef, did you get extra treats or a burger and double portions of fries from that stall for doing so well???? I think you may be able to name your price if you get my drift. . .those 2 leggededs are wrapped round your paws pretty tight if you ask me.....

I'm off to check that last link of yours so wags my friend.


Mack said...

Congratulations my boxer buddy! That is mighty impressive!

Did you get to snack on any hotdogs and chips with your peeps??

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Chef,
Wooooowwwwiee, congratulations buddy. You did pawtabulous at the doggie show. We're very proud of you. Too bad you can't be with your Mama & Papa in between stuff at the show, but we understand. When is your next show?? Better practice up.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers