It's My Birthday!

July 25 /08


Today is my birthday. I am two years old.

Here are a couple of puppy pictures of me. This is what I looked like before you knew me. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of me before the age of four months when my family took me home.

My friend, Zoe, sent me a cute card and she drew me a picture. I love them. Thanks, Zo. See ya later on our walk.

I got this really nice e-card from my buddies Rambo and Molly. Thanks so much.

Happy Birthday Chef!
Have a fun day.

Love, Rambo & Midget Molly

This beautiful card is from Rocky, Bear and Angel LacyLulu. That was so thoughtful. Thank you.

My cousins, Bailey and Oreo, sent me this e-card. Thanks, cuzzies.

Dear Chef, Happy Birthday.
My birthday (Bailey) is coming up too! I will be one year old. Oreo is almost six months old.
I hope we can get together soon.

This beautiful card just arrived from Butchy & Snickers. I am so touched. Thank you very much, my sweet friends.

(Snickers, I hope you are feeling better.~Kisses xox~)

Papa made his monthly office BBQ today and I was the guest of honour.

On the way over, Mama picked up some balloons and a silly party hat that I wore for all of l0 seconds I broke about five of the balloons - what fun !! No, the balloon weight is not stuck to my back. Mama just needs to learn how to set up a shot ...... and not amputate my paw ...... I had my cock-eyed face on. I get like that when I'm very hot or excited, and I was both. It was zillions of degrees today, plus everybody's attention was on me and it made me a little shy and confused.

What the heck happened to my posture?? It just went shloooooop.

For my birthday, I had my first ever popsicle licks.

A little hesitant at first. Then ...


When we got home, I had these treats waiting for me.

Sulk. I wasn't allowed to eat them all at once... can you imagine?
Mama bought the picture frame on the left. It's got a Boxer on it and she's going to put my picture in it.

I also got a moose stuffy and a carrot tuggy. Which one do you think will last longer?

And the piece de resistance: Lamb ribs! After supper, Mama filled my bowl with leftovers. I had to chew on them outside - supervised. Oh, I hardly noticed because I was enjoying them so much.

So I had a truly great birthday.

Thanks for all your good wishes and cards - and for 2 more Premio awards, one from Mindy Lu and another from Gucci. It helped make my birthday the best ever.

This is my horoscope from Pet Horoscopes, annotated by me:

Leo Dogs
by Anna Lynn Sibal

There are two interesting facets to a Leo dog’s personality. One such facet is that of the king. As a creature born under the sign of the Lion, the Leo dog is a born leader, the king of dogs. He carries himself with pride among other dogs, and most dogs seem to defer to him. If there is ever a dog who is considered the leader of the pack, the Alpha dog, that one is none other than the Leo dog.

Wow.. really?

The Leo dog is a very brave and intelligent dog. He makes for an excellent candidate to the K-9 unit of any police force. He will not hesitate to put himself in harm’s way if it meant saving the life of his handler or owner, or of any person whom he senses needed saving.

That depends............

The other fascinating facet of the Leo dog’s personality is that of the clown. Yes, this serious pooch can be funny. He has an innate sense of mischief that is quite entertaining if it does not get him into trouble. The Leo dog loves to show off and can be a hilarious comedian if he is allowed to play his tricks. He can be a very enthusiastic performer if his mind is up to it.

This is true.

Being the king and the Alpha, the Leo dog, with his regal bearing, can be pompously vain, strutting about in the presence of other dogs. He is a handsome dog; he knows it and he will flaunt it.

See shows.

That is, he will flaunt his stuff if there are no cats in the immediate vicinity. The Leo dog hates cats with a vengeance. Except for Beauty and Rugrat. He will bark his throat sore at a feline or a bee or a crow and chase it around the neighborhood.

Another entity that the Leo dog hates is the vet. The Leo dog strongly believes that he has a perfect physique and is infallible. Visits to the vet shatter this belief and he would love it very much to get away from the place as soon as he can. He can try the patience of even the most saintly of vets with his agonizing howling in the clinic.

Who told?

This year is the year of love for the Leo dog. (ASTA !!) The handsome Leo dog has no lack of admirers, but this would seem more obvious this year. The girl-dogs know just who is the boss and would do everything they can to capture his attention.

Whoa baby !

Check yours out: Weekly Pet Horoscopes

I Wanna be the Teacher's Pet

I like being a teenage dog...... I have felt the first stirrings of l o-o-o-o-v e. At Snicker's birthday party last week, Asta was teaching us boydogs how to flirt. All I wanted to do was flirt with YYAstaYY. Wow, she is a looker ...... I think I'm falling in love for the very first time.

(Don't tell a soul.)


Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy 2nd birthday, Chef!
We promise, we won't tell a soul your secret! Asta is quite a looker! We met her in person, ya know! Enjoy your BBQ!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Thor said...

Happy Birthday Chef!
I love your puppy pics!
You got nice cards from your friends!
I hope you have a great day and got lots of treats and toys!


Dewey Dewster said...

Wow Chef...

Happy birthday ta ya.....'n ya got lots of bootiful cards too...hope ya have a great time at the BBQ....cause it's yur day taday all day....

Dewey Dewster here....

Mindy Lu said...

BARK! Happy Birthday Handsome. We nominated you for an award too! BARK! Sasha the princess

Deetz said...

Happy Barkday Chef.....WOO HOO......Happy Birthday too youuuuuuuuuu.....Thank you for my award. ummm, I think Asta is taken by the gooberstan himself, but its great that she is the one that taught the flirting technique, cuz she is really smart.
Have a Great Weekend. I wish I new how to make a card for you....

Lacy said...

w00f's Chef, happy barkday to u...loved all ur cards...cant find ur peemail on ur bloggie so will put ur barkday card on me bloggie...

b safe,

The Puppies said...

Happy Barkday Chef!! Congrats on being 2-- your baby pics are sooo cute!!! Hope your BBQ party is awesome.. and that you gets lots of yummy bbq (and maybe some ice cream and cake?) :)
The Puppies

Eduardo said...

Hi! My name is Eduardo! I'm a puggle who loves to snuggle! I added you to my blog I hope you don't mind, please visit my blog!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
p.s. Happy Birthday!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Happy Barkday Chef. Make sure you get lots of ribs at the BBQ..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Baby Callie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chef!
Happy Birthday!
I hope you had a great time celebrating your big day! BBQ?? Mmmmm sounds delicious!
Let us know about it, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Rambo said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Chef,
Hope you have a funtastic day full of good food and yummy treats.
Rambo & MM

Gunner said...

Chef buddy!
Happy Ruffin 2nd Barkday!

I hope you got your own steak at the BBQ with a big bone shaped cake!

Have a great day!


Niamh said...

Happy Birthday Chef!!!

You were such a cute little puppy. Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like you had a great day with snacks and presents.

Your friend,

Asta said...

BlushBlush..My dogness thank you fow that wondewful compliment..I think you'we vewy handsome too!!! I came to Wish you a vewy Happy Birfday!!!! I'm sowwy I'm so late, but Mommi has not been coopewative today with being my secwetawy..I can see fwom youw pictoowes that you had a pawsome time..Those wibs look delicious and all youw gifts and tweats awe fantastic..Sleep tight and sweet Birfday dweams
smoochie kisses

Kodak the Eskie said...

Happy Birthday Chef!! Love all the pics! Wishing you lots of treats and tummy rubs. Being two must be great. I'm just one year old.


Abby said...

Hi, Chef...

Happy Barkday to you...
Happy Barkday to you...
Happy Barkday, Dear Chef...
Happy Barkday to you...

Enjoy your presents & treat...

Abby xxxooo

Pedro said...

Happy birthday Chef! Guess what... I'm a Leo dawg too! My birthday is August 13th and I'll be 2 too! How about that?


Petey said...

Hi Chef!

Happy belated Bark-day! That Asta is some pup. She put the word out and now my personal ad is pulling in the ladies like crazy!

I'm okay with dating outside my breed, just not my species. But my handsome 17-year old Catbro Mica is looking for a lady love as well. Your CatSis can see him on my blog, too!

Enjoy the ribs!

Your pal,


Peanut said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Chef. We are sorry we missed the actual day. We see it was great.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Thanks for the welcome home.. We are all glad she is here even if she spends most of her time in her Condo. Mom and Dad don't want to see her hurt again.. That was just no fun at all..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Gaia the Airedale said...

Happy Happy Happy 2nd barkday CHEF! Thats so neato 2 years old wow! I hope you had a fantastic barkday sir, you deserve it!! You look so cute with your hat on for the bbq. And the popcicles and lamb ribs! Mmm hehe also Im noticing a lot of doggie love is in the air!

puppy breath,

Moco said...

Happy Birthday to you Chef. We are wishing you many more and treats galore.

Mango said...

Rockin birthday party, dude! You don't look so happy in your hat, though. I hope you bit the balloons!


Eric said...

Did you hear me woofing to you Chef. I woofed so loud I swear I've gone a little horse - or should that be pony?

I can see you had an awsome bark day as deserved I hope you have fab Barkday Boxing Day and a happy New Barkday too.

Your pal Eric x

Wonder why stoopid blog lines won't update you....but hey I wags over anyway to see my pal.

CoCo said...


I'm glad you got all the goodies, treats and rib bones for your birthday! It looked delicious! I hope all your wishes comes true!


Trailboss said...

Happy Birthday you handsome boy you. Wow, 2 years old. I have a girl named Sophie that you would love. She is a natural eared girl in fact both my babies are floppy eared. Looks like you had a grand birthday.

Kisses and doggie hugs,

Lisa, Sophie & Annie

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy belated birthday, Chef! Looks like you had a really good one.

And Asta? We think she's terrific and we can see why you're falling for her.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Chef,
Happy Happy Birthday!!! We sure hope you had a wonderful day. It's so nice you got to be with your Papa at work.

Oh boy, Chef's in love! hehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS We sent you a peemail.

Noah the Airedale said...

Happy 2nd birthday Chef. Your horoscope sounds pretty good, especially in the lurve department hee hee. Good luck matie.

Hugs and tail wags

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

CHEF!!!! I missed your birthday big time! It wasn't my fault! It was the humans fault! While she was working I was locked up in my crate SCREAMING to be released so I could wish you a happy birthday.

So here I am...late...bah..but


Pee...Ess...those jelly flip flops that your mom is sending...can I get a pair too? Just incase I get envious??? Have you tasted them yet? Are they good? I bet my human would smack me good if I tried to eat her new shoes!

The human seems way excited about new shoes!!!!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Gucci said...

Google reader didn't save you bloggeh in my thing and so I haaaaaaad nooo idea it was your bday. I feel like such a slacker of a boxergirl.

So to make up for it kinda, I gave ya an award. :]


Georgeous said...

Oh Mr. chef - Happy Barkday!! Looks like you had a great time! No sticks???
What's it like being 2? I've not had a barkday that I remember, do you feel different when you wake up in the morning?
Love 'n' snuffs

Mack said...

Happy (belated) Birthday big fella!

Sounds like you had a great time!

Yes, Asta is quite the looker. Does she know how you feel??

the 4 Bs said...

hi Chef, happy birthday buddy! Brody turned 2 this summer too. we know that's a great age to be.

**sigh** it seems like all of the guys are in love with little Asta fuzzy butt. she's such a cutie pie and her personality is the best!


blingblingnauties said...

Hey Big Guy ! Happy Barkday to you , u are sooooooooo handsome ! *drools*

Twister & Furby

happy said...

Happy belated Barkday, Chef! What a nice celebration you had!

Who wouldn't fall for Asta! She's such a beauty in and out! Good luck in your pursue. You are going to pursue her, aren't you?

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

chef.. sorry for the dealy, but we don´t have computer...

send a big hug and all our love

Jake of Florida said...

We missed your Barkday by a mile --please forgive us. We could blame it on our humans, but it's probably our fault for not letting them know in time!!

So Happy Barkday Pal!! (We believe in birthday seasons, so perhaps it's still time for one last celebration!!)

Jake and Just Harry

boxercab said...

I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, sweet boy!

The Zoo Crew said...

Sorry we're so late in wishing you a happy barkday. Looks like you had a fabulous celebration with lots of goodies and wishes!